Tesla Powerwall

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There is a lot of talk of the Tesla Powerwall and similar backup systems.

We have the expertise to walk you through the different available products and help select the right solution for your home, cabin or office location.

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About the Tesla Powerwall

What is it?

As it is sold, it is basically a box with lithium-ion batteries. There are no other accessories included.

Will the Tesla Powerwall work on its own?

No. Essentially the Powerwall is a really cool looking high capacity battery bank. It still needs a charge controller, inverter and needs to be installed by a licensed electrician. Think of the Tesla Powerwall like a nice set of tires for your car. By themselves, they are not doing much, but, like a set of tires, once installed, they give you enhanced performance.

Are the Lithium-Ion Batteries used in the Powerwall more or less expensive than other batteries?

Lithium-Ion batteries are more expensive than conventional lead acid, AGM or gel batteries. However, the added upfront cost can be offset by added performance.

What are the advantages of the Tesla Powerwall?

The Powerwall is sleek, and blends in nicely with your home. The Powerwall requires none of the maintenance typically required with a battery back-up system. Also, the batteries in the Powerwall have a longer life expectancy than typical batteries.

What are the disadvantages of the Tesla Powerwall?

The additional upfront cost can be seen as a disadvantage. Also, the Powerwall is not a comprehensive storage or back-up system and must be purchased in conjuction with other accessories such as an inverter and charge controller.

Is the Tesla Powerwall currently available for purchase?

Yes, however, the Tesla Power has not started shipping yet. Tesla anticipates shipments to commence before the end of the year.

Are there comparable products?

Yes, there are numerous battery back-up options in the market.

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Tesla Powerwall