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What is Power Management?

Battery technology has come a long way in recent years. Depending on your unique situation, a battery system may make financial sense, and give you peace of mind. Are you a business owner paying outrageous electric bills? You are likely paying high “Demand” charges. An energy storage system will save you thousands off your electric bill.

Homeowners have some great advantages too. For some, it's about saving money and being more independent. For others, there is no pricetag on the peace of mind; knowing that your home will be able to maintain operations, even amidst a catastrophic event. Normal fossil fuel generators rely on access to fossil fuels - an inherent limitation. Battery backup systems with solar can be designed to keep either a portion or all of your home running indefinitely.

Who uses Power Management solutions?

This is not solely for the environmentalists or techies! It is for the budget conscious homeowner or business. Some of our clients include homeowners, property managers, theatres, churches, warehouse managers, hotels, restaurants, and more!

Is Battery Backup right for you?

Is a battery backup right for your home?

For Homeowners

  • You are about to go solar and want to apply the Federal 30% Tax Credit to your battery system. This will save you 30% of the battery system cost.
  • You will not receive one-to-one net metering credits because you are designing a large solar array or your utility has unfavorable solar restrictions.
  • You want an integrated backup solution; where your solar panels charge your batteries during the day, and you run off the batteries in the evening.
  • Power resiliency is important to you: this is the ability to maintain complete or partial home operations in the case of a prolonged blackout or catastrophic event.
Is a battery backup right for your business?

For Businesses

  • You are paying Demand Charges. The utility company bills you for power demand based on your highest 15 minute interval during that month. A battery system can save a business thousands in high demand charges.
  • You have sensitive equipment like an MRI machine or finely calibrated instruments, where even a split second of power outage would cause considerable financial hardship.
  • If you are planning on installing a solar system and you will not receive one-to-one net metering credits.

Backup Solutions

There are a number of options of
complete battery backup solutions on the market.
View our chart below to see which one is right for you.

Which design do you like best?

Sonnen battery backup
Pika Energy battery backup
Tesla battery backup
LG Chem battery backup
OutBack Power battery backup
Panasonic battery backup

We realize the specifications may
look like Greek to you, so one of our product specialists are happy to
go over it on the phone with you.

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