International Solar Services

Rayah Solar is proud to support the world community in its solar endeavors.  In recent years, we have been to over 10 countries focusing on developing markets.   Our recent work includes both charitable and non-profit work in Africa.

Our mission is to bring “light” to the darkest of regions.  We actually found a negative perception of solar in many countries, where there has been an influx of inferior solar products that performed poorly, if at all.  We have come to change these misconceptions by offering all German, American and other Tier-1 products at an affordable price. 

We only provide top of the line solar equipment, backed by a manufacturer’s warranty: 25 years for our panels, a minimum of 10 years for inverters, as well as  warrantied batteries and charger controllers.  Our experienced teams will manage your installation, so you can rest assured you will get the exact product you ordered.

While we have established relationships in Africa and a goal to continue to grow there,  we are open to inquiries from other regions.  For a free phone consultation, please contact us at +1 6175643159. 

We are also available for a web conference on Skype. Just call or email us at to set up a meeting.


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