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The benefits are enormous.

  • Governmental incentives can pay for most of the system.
  • Positive cash flow from year one.
  • No money down options – no installation costs and no equipment costs. You buy the electricity from the solar panels on your roof at a reduced rate – saving you money! It's that simple!
  • Turnkey installation (we take care of everything), and afterwards, we'll maintain it for you.
  • Take control of your budget with the control and predictability of a low set electric rate.

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Solar Incentives

What Uncle Sam and Massachusetts are offering YOU!

30% Investment Tax Credit

The Federal tax code allows the owner of a commercial solar system to reduce their tax liability by 30% of the cost of the system. This is a dollar for dollar credit against income tax due in the year the system is put in service. Any credit not used in the first year can be carried forward for up to 20 years.

Accelerated Depreciation

The Federal tax code allows 85% of the cost of the system to be depreciated in five years. Therefore, the owner of the system reduces the taxes they pay over five years by an amount equal to 85% of the cost of the system multiplied by the owner’s marginal tax rate.

SREC Income

An SREC is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit. For each 1,000 kWh of solar electricity generated the owner of the system is entitle to sell one SREC to the utility companies. The utility companies are required by law to buy a certain number of SRECs each year. SREC aggregators, for a small fee, bundle SRECs from many small system owners and sell them to the utilities in bulk. The value of SRECs depends upon the market conditions at the time they are sold. The State of Massachusetts has created an auction by which SRECs can be auctioned each year at a pre-set minimum price.

Saving on Electricity

Every KWH of electricity you generate is one less for which you have to pay the utility company. And once you own your system, your cost will never go up. The Federal Energy Information Administration’s statistics show that commercial electricity prices in Massachusetts have risen just under 4% per year since the year 2000. Therefore your savings will increase every year.

NET Metering

Your building remains connected to the utility company’s grid after the installation of the commercial solar system. The amount of excess electricity your system produces is measured by a net meter. The meter spins forward when you draw electricity from the grid and spins backwards when you pump electricity into the grid. If you generate more electricity in a month than you are using, you get a cash credit to use at a later date.


We make it easy.

We know that you are busy – so we make it easy to install and operate a commercial solar system at your business with a simple 6 step process


We come to your site to answer your questions and gather the information we need


We prepare a no cost, no obligation proposal that shows you the preliminary design of your commercial solar system, how much it will cost and how much you will save in tax savings, SRECs and reduced electricity costs


We use a short simple contract that gives you the final design specs, the terms and the warranties – all in plain English

4Permits &

We get all the permits needed to build, operate and connect your commercial solar system to the grid, and we do all the paperwork necessary for you to collect your governmental incentives


Our expert team of commercial solar installers will construct your commercial solar system quickly and with minimal disruption to your business


We will maintain every aspect of your system for free for 10 years and then at a small charge thereafter

How to Buy or Finance

We'll keep your options open.


Lease a commercial solar system for 6 years and then buy it outright for only 25% of its original cost to build, and keep the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) to offset the lease and buy-out costs! The electricity savings and Energy Credits generally cover the lease cost so you make money from day one.


  • Low upfront cost. 1% of system value plus $750 document prep fee (.5% for system values over $1 Million)
  • Low lease payments for 6 years. Positive cash flow from the start.
  • You purchase the system after 6 years for only 25% of its original cost to build.
  • Leasing company finances buy-out.
  • You keep the Massachusetts SRECs to offset the lease and buy-out payments.
  • You get to depreciate the system after buy-out.
  • Your energy credits alone generally cover your total lease and buy-out payments!


  • You do not get the ITC and your depreciation is only on the 25% buy-out cost.

Purchase Power Agreement

Get the advantages of a commercial solar system with no money down and no risk. Our Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) partner pays for a system that we install at your site and you simply purchase the electricity generated from the system at a significant discount over what you now pay the utility company.


  • No upfront costs. No down payment, no documentation fees.
  • No risks. You only pay for the electricity actually generated so the risk of a problem with the system remains with the PPA partner.
  • Save money now. The initial per KWH cost you pay is significantly lower than the utility charges.
  • Save money later. Your per KWH cost goes up a fixed 2% per year. Utility rates have gone up more than double that each year so each year you save more money than the last.
  • Predictability. You always know what your future per KWH cost will be. No more surprises.


  • You do not get any of the incentives, the PPA provider takes them to help pay for the system. Your savings are less than with any of the other options.

Cash or Bank Financing

Buy your commercial solar system outright, and we can arrange advantageous loan terms with one of our lending partners.


  • You get the full ITC, accelerated depreciation, State tax credit and SRECs, and huge savings on electricity


  • Large cash outlay for entire system cost.
  • Cash outlay for down payment, substantial interest payments.

Leasing Details

We partner with one of the Country’s leading equipment leasing companies with more than $1.5 Billion in leasing experience.

Leasing is perfect for the company that cannot efficiently use the large Investment Tax Credit. The leasing company uses the Investment Tax Credit and returns a portion of it to you in the form of reduced lease payments. You use the SRECs to offset the lease payment.

The lease is structured as an operating lease, not a capital lease, so it does not show up on your balance sheet.

The lease payments are deducted as an operating expense and you have no complicated tax accounting for the Investment Tax Credit.

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Purchase Power Agreement Details

Our PPA partner is a Massachusetts company with deep understanding of local economic conditions and access to low interest rate financing. That means savings for you.

Our PPA partner uses the Investment Tax Credit, the accelerated depreciation and the SRECs to pay for the system so that they can sell you the electricity produced by the system at a much lower price than you pay the utility company.

The Federal Energy Information Administration’s statistics show that commercial electricity prices in Massachusetts have gone up an average of just under 4% per year since the year 2000. Your PPA will have just a 2% annual escalator. So while you will save a significant percentage of your current electric bill, in future years you will save even a higher percentage of what you would have paid without solar.

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Cash or Bank Financing Details

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