What Does Solar and Pizza Have in Common?

What Does Solar and Pizza Have in Common

solar panel = pizza

“Solar panels, solar panels, so pretty in the sky, What can I liken thee unto? Ah, a Pizza Pie!” For one thing, some may argue that the rectangular shape is ideal, however in the case of Sicilian pizza, this is a matter of personal preference.  In reality, understanding solar power, from an electricity point of view is very much similar to your average pizza pie.

1. Supply

goat = FUEL

Just like with your favorite pie, with solar, (and electricity in general), somethings are unavoidable: supply and delivery costs. Think of your favorite bovine: the same way there is a cost to keep ol’ Bessy nice and healthy to produce a fine dairy product, there is a cost associated with the burning of fossil fuels, which are used to generate our electricity. This is often called a Supply or Generation charge. With solar, we have an endless supply of energy from the sun, which keeps costs low and often limits costs to the installation costs. With federal and state incentives, some solar systems can even be installed for no cost! Talk about day-one savings! sun power

2. Delivery

pizza guy = power lines

Imagine your favorite pie with all the toppings, and it is piping hot! Now, you have a choice: take the drive to your local pizza place, or wait with a delightful anticipation for the pizza to be delivered to your doorstep. Now if your prized pizza shop is hours away, as great as the pizza may be, the distance might put a chill on your excitement. The pizza may be cold by the time you finish your round trip, or if you have it delivered – think of the cost (not to mention the tip:-p)! Unfortunately, the same applies for residential electricity. For many, much of our “local electricity” is produced out of town, and even out of country (from Canada). As a result, for many homeowners, at least half of the electricity bill is comprised of delivery charges.  With solar, the power comes straight from your roof, which means no middle man and much less overhead (no pun intended).  Think of having a pizza kitchen in your own kitchen! power movement

3. Quality and Service

pizza 2 = kodali house

Now, for some people, cheese is cheese and a pizza is a pizza.  Likewise, for some homeowners, as long as the lights are on and the bill is paid, who cares where it comes from or how it gets there? In some regards, this is also true with solar as there are dozens of solar companies across the state that may provide you with a functional solar product.  For many, however, quality and service is what separates the local pizza chains from the fine dining establishments.  With solar, quality panels and proper installation (such as Rayah’s Tier 1 Selection of panels and A+ rated installers), will help to ensure that your solar panels are doing their job in keeping your savings high, and your electric bill low without hassle or issue. harris house In the end, like any pie, a pizza is more than the sum of its parts. Likewise, with solar, a solar system is more than just panels and electricity. Looking for the best local pie? Well, we can’t offer much help.  But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind solar experience with quality products, price, and customer service, we do know of a little place in Newton that is for sure a little slice of  Heaven :-).


Article By: Lumyr D. – Solar Consultant, Rayah Solar

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