Too Much Shade? Your Home May Still Be Good For Solar!

From solar hot water panels on the White House in the late ‘70s, to solar arrays powering homes across America – solar and the clean/renewable energy industry have come a long way. In Massachusetts, this growth is exponential. Every day more and more homeowners are taking advantage of Massachusetts’ incredible incentive programs. However, many homeowners have been left in the cold due to shading and other obstructions. Their home didn’t meet the shade requirement of leasing companies, and if they wanted to do a cash deal, because of their low shading percentage, they couldn’t receive the State incentive. They just weren’t considered good candidates for solar. However, homeowners that are counting themselves out, shouldn’t do so just yet. There are products available that have not only allowed more customers with shade-enshrouded roofs to go solar but have opened up the world of solar energy and State rebates to even those with roofs facing East-West. Conventionally, the three main requirements a home needed to qualify for solar was a roof with southern orientation, limited shading from trees and available roof space. However, with the products available on the market, they are able to harness and generate more solar power than ever before. Nevertheless, this does not mean that homeowners may not have to cut down a tree or a tuft or two, but finding the best product for your scenario may make cutting trees irrelevant. Sign up for a free consultation to find out. So, are you looking at those huge maple trees looming over the front side of your house and reconsidering solar? That’s a good step. Find out about your solar possibilities. Call us today at (617) 564-3159.

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