SunPower Equinox: Excellence Runs in the Family

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What do you think of when you think of family? Mother, father, sisters, brothers. Maybe cousins, aunts, uncles, grand parents? If you’ve ever been in the military, a fraternity/sorority, or a sports team you know that family extends beyond blood relations. Looking at my own family, my definition is a little different. I see family as a group of individuals with the same foundation, receiving the same training, working together toward the same goal. Families are efficient, unified and protective of their goals and each other.

So when a customer asked me what made the SunPower Equinox system so different than others there was only one explanation that I could give. The components of Equinox function as a family. As the world’s only fully integrated solar system, SunPower Equinox takes four seperate components of a solar system: panels, inverters, racking, and monitoring, and caters them to each other to maximize each individual component’s strengths. And the result?

Well, have you ever seen a family clean a kitchen? If you were to take four strangers, place them in a kitchen turned upside down from cooking for a large party and ask them to clean it, you might be a little disappointed with the results. Most likely each person would enter their own cleaning silo resulting in little to no cooperation or communication. In addition, each person would work toward their own standard of clean, some okay with wiping the counters and clearing the dishes while others feel the need to scrub the grout with a toothbrush. By the end you may have a clean kitchen, but it would have probably taken longer than you would have liked, and may not quite meet your expectations.

However, take that same kitchen and ask a family of four to clean it (brothers and sisters, a Navy SEAL team, etc.) and your results will be different. Firstly, because they were trained the same way their expectations and standards will be the same, and because they are used to working together they function as a unit which improves efficiency. And on the off chance that someone drops your fine china, it’s much more likely that the family will take responsibility as a team.

SunPower Equinox is that family cleaning the kitchen. Created on the philosophy that technology designed to work together works better, SunPower has taken the components that traditionally have been made by several different manufactuers and brought them under one umbrella.

The Panels

Leading the charge in efficiency are SunPower’s high performance panels. Rated as the most efficient panel in the world SunPower panels maximize the space you have available for solar, all while making your roof look good. And with patented back-plate technology, and a degradation factor that is a fraction of the competition, not only does SunPower AC panels outperform their competitors now, they will continue to do so for years to come.

The Inverters

Behind every good panel is a great inverter. Integrated into the back of each SunPower AC panel is a SunPower AC inverter. Speaking the same language the panels and inverter work seemlessly together producing and converting power. While SunPower’s panel efficiency is unparalleled no matter what inverter you place it with, the combination of the panel and inverter yields results to boast about.

The Racking

SunPower panels look good. With a sleek design and all black solar cells SunPower panels are easy on the eye and add to any home’s curb appeal. But, when you couple their beauty with a racking system that hides away the hardware the effect is noticable. If you look at a SunPower installation using their InvisRack racking system you will wonder how it is attached. The system literally seems to float on the roof, with all nuts, bolts and rails tucked neatly beneath the panels. And this, without the loss of efficiency from a panel skirt.

The Monitoring

What good is having a high performing super efficient solar system if you can’t check up on it from time to time? Integrated in the SunPower Equinox is a monitoring portal that allows you to see how much your system is producing and how well it’s working. Also, the monitoring portal keeps an eye out to make sure that everything is functioning as it should, and sends out alerts when something needs attention.

Unity produces efficiency, and SunPower has found a winning formula. They have done what no other solar manufacturer has been able to do, or maybe has even tried. They have not just created four solar components that work well together, they have created one solar product that has 4 seperate functions. Even UL recognized this and gave the SunPower Equinox system a single UL rating.

Here at Rayah everyone in our team starts on the foundation of our founding core beliefs, are trained and raised in professionalism, honesty and integrity with the ultimate goal of giving everyone we come in contact with the Rayah Experience. So, by my definition, Rayah isn’t just a company, we are a family. So from our family to yours the SunPower Equinox is the way to go for efficiency, aesthetics, and quality.



Article Written By: Selah ~ Inside Sales, Rayah Solar

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