Summer Fun! Hints on How to Have a Fun-Filled Summer!

Its summer time! With the warm weather here and the summer season in full swing, there are many activities, festivals and things to do all around. As the temperature rises, finding the motivation to avoid couch potato syndrome can be difficult. Don’t let the warm weather fry you ;-), here are some helpful hints that will help you beat the heat and find some cool things to do this summer.


1. Wake Up Early (or avoid sleeping in) – Over sleeping can make you feel as tired as not getting enough sleep. Start your day an hour later but no more than that. The sun is up earlier, you should be too! This will help you begin your day fresh and ready to take on the world!


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2. Check your Local Newspaper – From the breakfast table you can find cool and interesting things in your area. Many towns often post local events in the town paper, such as the Hanover Day Celebration in Hanover, MA or the St. Mary of Carmen Carnival in Nonantum Village, Newton. This way, from bed to breakfast, you’re setting yourself up for an exciting day of adventure.


3. Take a Walk – From yard signs to door hangers and much more, you can find flyers to local events posted right on your doorstep – literally! Many organizations will post advertisements in strategic locations so that in your everyday activities , you will be able to catch up with the local happenings.


4. When in Doubt – Google It! – You’d be surprised what you can find by simply typing in “free events” and your town name. You may even find an event hosted by us, in your area! If you do, we will see you there!

5. Check Local Media Outlets – Ok, this one may require some work, but it is totally worth it! Many towns may advertise their events on website such as the, Yelp, and even Craigslist. These sites are geared towards providing relevant community information, including events. Some of these sites will allow you to search for event by category, event type, distance from home, and even price! Who knows? There may even be a free event right in your back yard.


6. Can’t Find One? Make One! – It could be as simple as throwing a few burgers on the grill or inviting your neighbor onto your porch for a quick glass Iced tea. An event is what you make of it! If you’ve recently went solar, we’ll even throw an event for you! Dan Hannigan one of our solar customers In Scituate, MA. He recently went solar with our turn key solar program, so we’re going to join is solar panels and soak up the summer sun!

Article By: Lumyr ~ Solar Consultant/ Street Team Coordinator, Rayah Solar


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