Solar On Your Home: Worth The Wait!

A simple solar installation depends on many different players to bring about lasting quality. First, there is the sales process, which involves an in-house presentation with a solar consultant, then a site visit to get measurements, roof design and specifications. It requires gathering information such as electric bills and qualifying documents. Then there are structural engineering requirements. This is followed by the next, and probably the longest process…getting building permit, after which comes requesting permission to install a solar system from the utility company. Once the necessary permits and documentation is squared away, the materials are ordered, shipped and delivered to the site. The installation must then take place on a no precipitation day (no rain, no snow, etc.). After the panels are installed, we get the town building inspector to come to verify that everything is buttoned up and in-code with building regulations. Completion documents are then submitted for rebate completion and to the utility company for permission to operate the system. The utility company schedules a site visit and installs a net meter. After that, you are officially on-line – the start of a beautiful relationship between you, your panels and the sun!


Now, picture this whole process happening 250+ times per month. And with that volume, any point in the queue there could be a bottleneck which may cause delays. Some building permits are issued on the spot. Some take 30 days. The supplier may be temporarily out of your special panel. The installation crew could get rained on. The inspection can get delayed, and so on.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into powering up your solar system. But, solar is like gold; its well worth the wait, and in the end your life, and your wallet, will be richly rewarded. So what timeline should you expect for your solar project? We usually have a 90-day turn-around from the day you sign your agreement. Is that goal always met? No. But we strive to move the project along, avoiding bottlenecks and solving problems to achieve grid connection as quickly as possible. Now that you have a better understand of what the process looks like, it’s time to get your home qualified! Give our office a call at (617) 564-3159 or visit our website so we can help you get started on your solar process!


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