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Looking for the right panel is never easy unless you’ve done your research. Not sure where to start? Here are a few key points you should look out for when searching for the right solar panel.

Many solar companies do not see the value in searching for the right panel and believe that panel and brand do not matter. But the truth is, every part of a solar system contributes to how well it works for you. Rayah is backed by SunPower products that produce incomparable results. SunPower is leading the charge with innovative ideas for the solar industry and is light speeds ahead of any other solar manufacturer! So does the panel matter? Is the type of inverter that big of a deal? Is the name backing your system really that important? Read how SunPower stacks up against the competition below, and you be the judge.


Monocrystalline VS. Polycrystalline


Solar panels are made up of silicon cells or crystals that capture energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. There are two types of panels, monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Both of these panel types are made up of these silicon crystals, however, they have some major differences.

  • Monocrystalline panels contain silicon crystals that are used as one (mono) single bar, allowing electrons to move throughout the entire cell. This smooth flow of electricity creates a more efficient panel.
  • Polycrystalline panels are also made from the same silicon. However, instead of using a single layer of crystal which results in a single bar for the electrons to pass through, polycrystalline panels use melted pieces of many crystals. This results in many bars and less freedom of movement for the electrons.

Why is this important for you? Using monocrystalline panels, which are more efficient by design, means you don’t need as many panels on your roof to produce what you want! And with our choice panel, SunPower’s patented Monocrystalline Maxeon Generation, you get production even during low light environments, meaning early mornings and late evenings! Rayah understands the importance of specificity to ensure our customers are receiving the most efficient panels available, even down to the electrons!


Back Plate Technology VS. Front Plate Technology

All conventional solar panels use front plate technology, meaning they use bus bars and ribbons in the front of the solar cell (the tiny lines you see when you look closely at a traditional solar cell) to catch the electrons to produce energy. However, SunPower has created a unique backplate technology that sets the standard for solar technology. With their solid copper plate foundation, SunPower has the advantage by removing the shading from the cells created by the bus bar and ribbons on the front of the panel. This provides a shorter path for electrons to pass through, giving you even more efficient panels! In addition, SunPower’s patented Maxeon copper plate helps eliminate panel degradation by 85%. Panel degradation is one of the main reasons conventional solar panels are less efficient.

Why is this important for you? Without the proper technology, your panels will lose efficiency before you put them on your roof, let alone 25 years in the future! SunPower offers the solid copper back plate technology to ensure quality and productivity.


Microinverters VS. String Inverters

Now that I’ve explained why SunPower’s solar panels are more efficient than any other conventional solar panel, let me explain why the inverter you choose is as important as the right solar panel. Because your home uses AC (Alternating) current and solar panels produce DC (Direct) current, you will need a way to convert all the energy you are producing on your roof to something you can use. This is done with an inverter.! There are two types of inverters used: 1. Microinverters and 2. String Inverters.

String inverters (used by conventional solar panels) is one inverter connected to multiple panels to convert electricity. In this scenario, if something goes wrong with one panel (such as a branch shading a panel) it will then cause a ripple effect to the rest of the panels connected to it. Think Christmas lights; one bulb goes out and the whole string doesn’t work until you fix the problem with the one bulb. On the other hand, Microinverters are individual inverters attached to each panel, each converting electricity, which allows each panel to work on its own. Therefore, a cloud passing by one panel will only affect that panel, leaving the rest of the system to produce at its best. This gives you more productivity throughout your entire system.

Why is this important for you? It’s a no brainer! SunPower uses microinverters to ensure each panel provides the optimal performance for their solar systems. This made it easy for Rayah Solar to choose SunPower as our solar panel of choice, which makes it easier for our customers to choose us.


SunPower’ s Triple 25 Year Warranty vs. Competitive Warranties

Now that it’s clear that SunPower is remarkably different, providing state-of-the-art panels and inverters. SunPower continues to prove what divides them from any other company not only by their incomparable products and experience but more importantly, their warranties. One concern many future solar customers have is panel degradation, which is the process by which panels degrade over time. This is a necessary question to ask, especially if you are planning on having these panels on your roof for 25 years! And as a solar provider, it’s not easy talking about this without the confidence of knowing that the panels we offer will, in fact, last and have a warranty to back it up.

There are two common types of degradation (please see the photo above):
1) Light-induced degradation (paint fading or discoloration of the panel)
2) Delamination (glass clouding)
SunPower panels degrade at a rate ten times slower than the average solar panel in the market.This is why SunPower has the confidence to offer their unparalleled product warranty.

SunPower not only provides a labor warranty like all other solar providers but, unlike every other solar manufacturer they also offer a 25-year guarantee on their product and its performance. In fact, studies show that SunPower has the best warranties in all three categories – labor, product, and performance. To top it off, how would you feel knowing the company that is offering you the warranties have outlived the warranty they offer? Unlike other solar manufacturers, SunPower can say they have.


Why is this important for you? If you are looking for a 25-year warranty that will cover labor, product and performance then SunPower has brought your search to an end. Let’s look at it practically. Thirteen years after you’ve made the choice to go solar, your panels are secured by a full warranty in case of any panel defects. SunPower will come out, at no charge, to replace or fix the issue. Other companies may offer to replace or fix your panel but will charge you to send their crew to come out.
We chose SunPower because, like SunPower, Rayah Solar offers our customers what other solar companies can’t – leading technology! Solar power may be the “new thing” that’s catching people’s attention but Rayah isn’t just a “new thing.” We are a company of integrity and sustainability, giving who we are to each customer. This includes a turnkey, worry free experience every step of the way. SunPower is the #1 leading solar panel available. Now that you know the difference, which solar system will you choose? Let your search end with SunPower and Rayah Solar, an official SunPower dealer. Simply schedule a free solar consultation for your home through our website or give us a call at 617-564-3159.


Article Written By: Doretta J. – Project Management, Rayah Solar

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