Pea Soup And Solar!


Every experience we have comes with an expectation. However, I wouldn’t have thought my visit with a customer would supersede all my expectations.

On a cold, rainy day we were welcomed by Carol Casey and her dog (Lily) to share her experience with going solar with her friends and family. After all the conversations and phone calls with Carol, I was finally able to put a face to a name! She was just as excited to do the same with us!  She even shared some homemade pea soup with us that her brother makes for her whenever he comes by. Throughout the course of our time with her we were able to drop all formalities, and have the freedom to get to know each other.

Overtime, the days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and the experience we had with Carol became a wonderful memory. One afternoon she called us, inviting Rayah back to her home for another Solar Party! As the Event Coordinator, I was excited! I was looking forward to start working on her party invitation to send to her friends. When I began to put the e-vite together, it occurred to me that the dedication and excitement I had towards Carol’s invitation was because of the relationship we’d built over time. And this is heart of what Rayah expresses every day – to form a bond of loyalty and trust through each experience with each customer.

Rayah Power Integration, our name says it all, and is exactly who we strive to be! Rayah in Hebrew means “close friend”. Power is in our ongoing passion for our customers and Integration is how we incorporate a wide range of solar opportunities and offer them to each of our friends. We bring the face to the name! Rayah works together to accomplish one goal, becoming a friend you can trust.

Carol not only gave us delicious pea soup but she taught me the true meaning of  “Rayah – Your Trusted Friend” and what that looks like. As a new employee, I could see from the outside how Rayah interacts with their customers, but it didn’t become a part of me until I met a woman from Plainville, MA. Who would have thought that a town so “plain” could have produced so much life?

Do you have any expectations? Why not be led by the experience and see the outcome? Carol Casey did. She dropped all expectations and decided to go solar. Carol says: “I am finally able to see the light, I’m no longer in the dark!” And she’s now using her light to illuminate those around her, including me!

Take a look at one outcome Carol did NOT expect to see before she made the choice to go solar!


Article By: Doretta B. – Project Manager, Rayah Solar

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