Solar Panel Warranties: Choosing The Best From The Start

For people looking to install solar for their home or business, one of the major factors in the decision-making process is the warranty. Will my system be covered in case of damage? How long will it be covered for? What issues are actually covered in the warranty? First, let’s break down the different parts that make up a solar panel warranty.

What Makes Up A Solar Panel Warranty?

Most solar panel warranties are comprised of three parts: a product warranty, a power output or performance guarantee and a service warranty.

Product Warranty

The product warranty covers defective materials. It is provided by the manufacturer of the panel, not the solar installation company. The warranty terms usually agree to cover only defects or issues deemed to be caused by the manufacturer themselves, and typically excludes issues like wear and tear, cosmetic damage, and damage caused by improper installation.


Power Output Warranty/ Performance Guarantee

Panels produce a fraction less electricity every year. The rate at which this decrease occurs is called the degradation rate and is represented as a percentage of the estimated annual production. Though degradation applies to all solar panels, the rates vary by manufacturer. Generally, the power output warranty is where the manufacturer guarantees that their panels will produce at a specified level each year going to the end of the warranty term(based on the rated power output also known as the “peak power rating” or “DC maximum power output”). The industry standard for the length of the term for this kind of warranty is 25 years.

There are two types of power output warranties: step-down and linear. With a step-down warranty, the manufacturer guarantees that their panels will produce between 80-90 percent between year 1-10. After that, there is a fixed guaranteed rate of power for years 11-25. The step-down warranty is still used by the majority of panel brands in the market today.

With a linear warranty, the manufacturer allows for a small drop in production after year 1 and then a linear fall in production each year after. Take a look at some top solar brands and their power output warranties:


Service Warranty

One major factor for customers going solar is knowing who to contact if there is ever an issue with the solar system. Most solar manufacturers do not have a direct technical support team that helps if there are specific service issues that come up, let alone cover those issue under warranty. But, one company has led the force to make sure that customers that install a solar system made by them will never have to worry about whether any issues with their system are covered and will be fixed… and that’s SunPower!


The SunPower service/labor warranty is unlike any other solar manufacturer. Each piece of a SunPower system is made specifically by SunPower themselves. Because of this, each piece is under warranty for 25 years! Not only that, SunPower will cover 100% of repair and replacement costs (including shipping of replacement materials). That is what we call product assurance! Check out our website for more information:

Our First Choice – SunPower



At Rayah, we only work with Tier I solar brands. This is how we can offer the best quality panels with the best performance and guarantees. SunPower has taken the win for the best solar manufacturer for years! What sets SunPower apart from the rest is their 25 -25 -25 warranty. There is no other company in the industry that offers consumers a complete solar system – each piece is made by SunPower and for SunPower. And as mentioned before, no other company has a service warranty that covers every piece of the solar system. If there is ever an issue with a SunPower system, you don’t have to go out to pay another contractor to diagnose and fix the problem… SunPower has covered even the smallest nail under their warranty for 25 years! Check out the chart below to see how SunPower’s warranty compares to some other leading panel manufacturers.


Most people understand that going solar is a long-term investment. We’ve done a lot of research over the years, comparing warranties across top brands in the market. At Rayah, we make it our priority to offer our customers the most efficient products to ensure their system is something they can be proud of. And, by having the confidence in knowing your system is covered helps make the journey with solar that much more enjoyable.

If you have been considering going solar, now is the best time to do it! Don’t waste another moment… Give us a call today at (617) 564-3159 or visit us on the web at and we can get you and your family started on your solar journey.



Article Written By Kendra W. – Marketing – Rayah Solar


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