No Solar System Is An Island

What does a Disaster Mitigation Planner, a Floridian, a shoe store clerk, a Berklee College of Music grad, and a nail artist have in common? They all found their way to impact the solar industry in a major way -from behind the scenes. Like Rayah Solar, the solar process is as diverse and multifaceted as its people/staff. And as it’s not one person’s brains or brawns that ensures the success of a single project, but a network of people working together.

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Unbeknownst to most customers, there are a number of people and moving parts that go into getting a system up and running. From consultants, to vendors to engineers to customers, solar proves that not only is no man an island, but that every project, when done through a combining effort, brings out the very best in each person – and the end product (i.e. the solar installation).

Once the customer decides to move forward with a solar project, their Project Manager facilitates the processing of various paperwork which includes, but is not limited to, getting designs from a designer to meet local building requirements, a structural engineering assessment, permission from the utility and the town to install the solar and submitting any necessary documents to any third party companies regarding the customer’s project. That is not all – beyond the paperwork, solar materials must be procured from vendors and crews commissioned to install the solar panels. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, it’s made easy by having a body of joints that supply and work together, to provide a seamless, turnkey installation for the customer.


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Have you ever seen a school of fish swimming? Each fish is an individual, yet somehow thousands can move in complete harmony as if they are parts of the same body. Well that’s us here at Rayah, many pieces moving together to paint one perfect picture – the Rayah Experience!

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