Life & the Rayah Solar Experience

At one point in my life, I was a lazy college student with a job at the information booth at the Northeastern University Student Center. My job was to provide general information about the University to visitors and students. However, in reality, my primary tasks involved parking my rear at a desk with a mouth full of French-fries while drinking a strawberry milkshake. Notions of customer service or professionalism were elusive concepts to me. In fact, the highlight of my night was getting a $5.25 chicken teriyaki bowl from the local Chinese restaurant – with free delivery, of course! I perceived this time to be the best point of my life so far, with freedom, sociability and a broader perspective into other cultures and ideas different from mine.

After graduation I took a job in customer service. It turned out I had a knack for sales, and I was appointed sales trainer and supervisor for both newbies and existing employees. I discovered I had an innately anal work ethic, but found that I became flustered and burned out quickly. I knew how to talk and how to sell, but my heart and spirit couldn’t keep up with my outward countenance.

Sometime later I came to work here at Rayah Solar. My process started by being “forced” to learn how to type properly on a keyboard. In a lifetime of computer use, this was the first time I had to learned to type with all ten fingers. Here is the interesting thing though, I noticed that from typing to all aspects of my job, there was this emphasis on “doing things right.” I was taught integrity, or as my manager would say, “do what you say you are going to do.” I was taught to approach situations calmly, using wisdom rather than emotions. And I have to hand it to my boss, because I was not always the most willing learner. However, I was encouraged and challenged by my supervisors and colleagues to continually improve. They were not willing to leave any stone unturned. I was pushed professionally in every area you could image, from how to send emails, to inter-office relations, to how to handle complex customer service questions and situations. In hindsight, perhaps what I liked best (although at the time I wouldn’t say I liked it) was that I pushed beyond my comfort zone, which in reality was mediocrity and laziness. I was given a choice, imbibe Rayah’s core company values of honesty, integrity and excellence, or get out. I choose the former.

Today, I am a much different employee, and more importantly, person – a better person. And I can attest much of that change to my experience with Rayah. Today I truly imbibe the “Rayah Experience,” striving to provide each customer, vendor, and partner with best customer service, the most effective assistance and embodying the uncompromising immutable values of honesty, sincerity and thorough follow through. Through it all, I discovered a culture – a culture of always improving, always moving forward. I have learned how to “care” for customers/people and how to handle difficult customers. I realize how much better I can become with each day and interaction with my coworkers, customers and even my family. And to think, it all started from learning to type with all ten fingers!

From my own experiences, I know that you can work half-heartedly at a job, earn your wages and even, as was the case at my previous job, be regarded as an all-star. And I suppose there is nothing wrong with that. I know for some, work just fills the time between life pursuits, again, as my previous jobs were for me. And sometimes you can even have a job that you love that fits your passions. But it is an altogether different thing to have a job that changes you – that causes you to be a better person, from your colleagues to the experience encountered in that job, they change you as a person, from the inside out, making you better, stronger and enhancing those things that were already inside of you but had not had a chance to develop. Rayah enhanced my life and continues to make it better, and for that, I am thankful!
That is why I see my life before Rayah Solar, in correlation to life before electricity. There was light available, but if you wanted to maintain light, you had to carry a candle or lamp around. But with the invention of electricity, this all changed: a shift from darkness to light.

New Light

My point is that Rayah Solar changed my life. As a graduate of Northeastern University, I had lots of job opportunities, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, none of them could have influenced me (for the better) the way this job has done. Now imagine how we are as an actual solar company – yes, I’d like to believe that good!

Come see for yourself what the “Rayah Experience” is all about. I did, and I am glad I did, and I think you will be as well.


Article By: AliYah ~ HR & Project Manager, Rayah Solar

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