Great Customer Service – A Touch of Home.


It was a noisy Sunday morning at the Off Broadway Diner on Broadway Street in Taunton. Filled with a nostalgic 50’s theme – checkered floors, red tabletops, and cinematic pictures of Harleys and Marilyn Monroe, the Off Broadway Diner was complete with walls lined with the radio playing the latest hits from that era. Uniquely enough, this restaurant has a subtle, yet homey touch, expressed in it’s wood paneled walls and the words of gratitude, “Thank you from the Sousa Family” that covered them. From the door, the atmosphere rings of a family-owned business. Like being swamped with a warm hug, from the door, the atmosphere envelops you as server after server greets you and offers to shows you to your seat. It was this element that caught my attention – the customer service.6762402

Everything had its place. The crew, of what appeared to be no more than a dozen people, including waitstaff and the people behind the counter, moved seamlessly back and forth between the upper and lower level of the restaurant – dodging spills and sending off smiles, as they seated customers like me. It was as if everyone knew exactly what to do.  As the volume of people would ebb and flow, the quality of service remained the same as they continue to tend to the patrons that were still there.

Each waiter, as they passed by me sitting at the front table with my laptop, would ask “is everything ok?” and “do you need anything?” (at the moment, the only thing I needed was the ability to type faster so that I could finish my work and enjoy my pancakes!).


As I sat, one thing caught my eye. The sign “Please seat yourself” at the top of the steps, just past the entrance.  As the waiters jogged up and down the stairs between floor levels carrying food orders, one waitress, noticing that the sign was slightly crooked, paused mid-sprint up the steps to straighten the sign – and then continued on her merry way.  The sign, clearly visible, but just a bit off-center, had caught her eye. It was clear that she saw something that no one – or perhaps everyone else working there saw: the family vision.   So in tune with the family vision  that she knew that a minor adjustment to a crooked sign would make a difference. For many of us, sometimes it is the minor adjustments that make all the difference.

A potential customer from earlier that morning had referred me to the diner. She told me, “Check out the Off Broadway Diner -And it’s not just because it’s my family’s business – but they are fabulous!” Sitting at the diner table, before taking the first bite of my food, I had to agree, they were pretty fabulous.



It wasn’t so much what they offered, but how they offered it. Their customer service made all the difference.

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Article By: Lumyr ~ Solar Consultant/ Street Team Coordinator, Rayah Solar

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