Bruins, White Mountains, Blogging And Solar!

What do the Boston Bruins, the White Mountains, writing this blog and solar have in common? They are all things I enjoy. Go Bruins! Coming out of college I got a great job as a regional planner for Eastern Massachusetts. There was plenty about the job I really liked, but I quickly came to realize more concretely, the things I didn’t like; cubicles, 12:00 PM lunch hours, a 9-5 schedule, wearing a collared shirt (I actually like collared shirts, just not every day – it’s a shaving thing)…I could go on. But for today, I’d like a more rosy discussion; how about Patrice Bergeron, Mount Madison, writing this blog, and German engineered solar panels. I supposed you could classify me as hyper analytical. A lawyer’s mind I suppose – I see every angle. That’s how I watch sports. That’s why I like Bruins Assistant Captain Patrice Bergeron. He exudes excellence. Perhaps one of the best face-off men in the world, he has great ice/rink vision, soft hands, a great passer, and an accurate shot. However, none of these are the reason Team Canada paired Bergeron with Sidney Crosby (considered the best hockey player on Earth). It’s his heart. Now some of you would argue defense, and yes, Bergeron is perhaps the best defensive forward in hockey. But defense, in my opinion, is not just an illustration of skill… it’s a sign of heart. Bergeron plays hard, ALL THE TIME. His back check is a thing of art, but it won’t end up on highlight reels – it’ll just win games! Bruins At the northern peek of the White Mountains lays Mt. Madison. To the uninitiated (like myself on my first trip) it may not seem like much. However, after half a day’s hike you reach the tree line and you are met with a foreboding yellow sign:


On that autumn day, within the cover of the trees, it was just cool enough to keep the sweat at bay, but beyond that yellow sign lay another world. The wind was blowing like a freight train swirling over the mountainside in a visible wave. Snow and ice stung my face and the winds threatened to toss my measly body off the mountain. White Mountains To pen a paper, to dirty my computer screen – to illiterate what was not to was. Ahh… the joy of writing. Even as a planner, I loved the organization of a 100 plus page Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan. With writing there are rules, but also freedom. An opportunity to join the wind of Madison’s peak, because we all know, the best, the very best stories leave you in suspense all the way to the end – for no one knows where the wind blows. Is there a difference between a BMW and a Ford? I think so, and the wallet of any BMW owner would agree with me. But why spend thousands more for one machine over another? Quality, you may say. Yeah, I think so too. The same is true for most manufactured goods. And from my experience in manufacturing overseas, quality varies greatly. Let me ask you this, which printer manufacturer uses genuine parts, Cannon or HP? I can tell you because I used to help build them, but that’s a story for another day. I rave about German engineered solar panels because they are the epitome of quality in the solar industry. And I’m sure you’ll agree that when installing a product with an expected lifespan of 30-40 years, you want to make sure it will do what it supposed to do. I love putting a great product on rooftops, especially when it means giving my customers BMW quality at Ford prices.

About a week ago, Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand were on a two-on-two break. Marchand passed to Bergeron, and both defenders closed in on him. Somehow, Bergeron skillfully poked the puck between both defenders to the tape of Marchand’s one-timer — GOAL! Beautiful. Who knew behind the calm temperate forest of Madison, lay such power, such magnificence? But hidden away, it is there. So who am I? I am a lover of quality and beauty. Who is Rayah Solar? We are lovers of excellence. Come find out for yourself what’s behind the curtain.

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