Going Solar: From Benchwarmer to Home Run!


It was 11:05AM on a Monday in Duxbury, and I was waiting to meet with a customer looking to go solar. Mr. W., the customer, asked to move our meeting from 11:00AM to 11:30AM (to which I obliged), which left me in a bit of a dilemma…what to do for a half an hour? Both my gas tank and my food tank (i.e. my stomach) were both running a little low by this time, so I pulled into a local gas station. Noticing the small sub shop across the street, I thought to myself “A perfect fit.”

I pulled into the driveway under the open glass window of the sub shop. “Benchwarmers, that’s kind of how I’m feeling,” I thought. With 25 minutes to spare before my meeting, I walked in to the pleasant eatery decorated with local flare: photos of the town’s girls and boys hockey teams, pictures of family members and notable patrons. Beside the cooler full of drinks and a rack of chips and goodies, there was a smiling young man standing at the cash register, waiting to take my order. “What would you like?”


The menu was full of pizza shop essentials: subs, sandwiches, burgers, and even a few local Duxbury specialties. With 20 minutes left, however, I was looking for the bare essentials: 2 slices of pizza, preferably peperoni – preferably affordable.

“How much for a slice of pizza” I asked. He replied with the price. “Cheese or pepperoni?” I bargained. “Same” he replied. It was a deal too good to pass up. “Let’s do it. I’ll take two.” The cashier nodded as he began to walk towards the pizza station. It was 11:15 and I had two slices of pizza coming my way. I was making good time, I thought to myself, until to my surprise I saw the young man was stretching the dough to be used for my slices! On the one had I was delighted at the freshness of my soon to be brunch. At the same time, with only 15 minutes to spare (which had to include travel time) I wasn’t sure if my delight outweighed my sense of time management.

“ Hey, so how long do you think that will take?”

“About ten minutes,” he replied innocently.

I did not want to pressure the kid but I had to tell him my dilemma. I told the young man that I had an important meeting at 11:30 to which we both agreed that I would not arrive on time if I waited for my pizza. “Why don’t you make the pizza anyway,” I said, “and I’ll see you in about an hour.” We agreed and I was on my way.

I arrived to my appointment with minutes to spare: it was a lovely crossed gable roof with some minor sheeting. Great for solar! I pulled into the driveway only to find Mr. W pulling in right after me. Perfect timing! Again! After meeting Mr. W, we headed into the home to discuss his solar possibilities. Mr. W had explored the idea of solar with another company, but had yet to pull the trigger on any particular project. “I guess that kind of makes both of us Benchwarmers.” I thought to myself.

As we were exploring the home, I noticed a box of what appeared to be pizza dough. I thought nothing of it, as I do enjoy great crust even at my own home. “By the way Mr. W,” I asked, “What do you do for work?”

CS1_0420” I run a sub shop here in town” he replied. I was speechless. Frantically trying to remember the name of the sub shop from earlier, I tried to put out a coherent sentence without sounding too excited. ” Benchwarmers?” I managed to blurt out. “Yeah, did you see it on your way in?” he asked. I smiled.
I told him about my adventures before my meeting, to which he chuckled and asked if I ever got the pizza.

We designed a 46 panel system for Mr. W, that will not only allow him to take advantage of the state lucrative incentives, but would also offset much of his electrical cost. In addition, Mr. W was good friends with another one of our previous customers in Duxbury – what a hit!  We finished our meeting I left Mr. W with some paperwork  that  would aid him in his final decision making process. Before I left, Mr. W. made a phone call and told me to head back to the sub shop.

I returned to Benchwarmers to find it lively with customers and wait staff. As I approached the register to resume my order, before I could speak, the young man handed me 2 slices of pizza. “You’re all set. Have a nice day.” I thanked the young man, smiled and went on my way. It appeared that solar, was not the only thing that was on the house.

What a day! I had gone from waiting to serve, to being waited on and well served. From benchwarmer to home run hit indeed!

Article By: Lumyr D. ~ Solar Consultant ~ Rayah Solar

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