An Apple A Day!

Sure we know that even here in New England that the sun is powering thousands of solar homes. But the sun provides us with a lot more than that. For millennia, humans have understood the power of the sun. It provides warmth, gives us light, and makes things grow. But the sun also has so much more to offer. Here are a few ways to take advantage of the sun to help you and your family live healthier and happier lives.

1. Achieve that Healthy Glow: Sunlight is known to even and brighten skin tone. Exposure to sunlight gives your skin a healthy glow, while scars and blemishes seem to disappear.

2. See Clearly: Natural light is easier on the eyes than artificial light, reducing blurriness and headaches. So during the day, open the shades and let the sun shine in!

3. Vitamin D: Better than enriched milk or fortified orange juice, our greatest source of Vitamin D is the sun. Vitamin D is critical in the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis, and the flu.

4. Get Some Rest: Our body clock syncs itself to the cycles of the sun. Exposing ourselves to the sun allows our bodies to control our sleep cycles, reducing anxiousness and depression.

5. Be Alert: Sunlight helps to keep your hormones in check. The result? Heightened awareness, increased concentration, and mental sharpness!

6. Don’t Stress: A major cause of health problems in the US is stress. Time in the sun can alter how your body perceives and handles environmental stressors. (Plus, with that lower electric bill from your solar system, you have one less thing to worry about.)

So throw on a hat and take a walk on your lunch break; open the blinds in the office, or run along a trail instead of going to the gym. Take a few moments to indulge in one of nature’s greatest gifts. You’ll be happy you did.

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