7 Quirky Solar-Powered Gadgets!

1.SOLAR-POWERED STROLLER: Kick your babies off in high-speed with this chic solar-powered stroller. Use it to power small child-friendly gadgets, or to recharge your iPod and drown out little Tommy’s temper tantrum.



2. SOLAR-POWERED BIKINI: Equipped with a USB port, this solar-powered bikini will not only charge your phone, but is still practical and stylish! *Use with caution with body jewelry – ouch!


3. SOLAR-POWERED WHEELCHAIR: Next time you are at the zoo, you don’t have to find a docking station for grandma; let the power of the sun keep her going. In all seriousness, this is a really great tool for anyone using an electric wheelchair. It does not need to be plugged into the wall and can last longer than other models. It is estimated by researchers to be cheaper in cost than the electric wheelchairs currently on the market.


4. SOLAR-POWERED FLOATING ROOM: This is not necessarily a gadget but it’s definitely quirky. Floating real estate any one? Especially for a room that looks this cool! Designed by a Swedish pre-fabrication firm, this single-room structure, made mostly of wood and outfitted with energy efficient windows and a rooftop solar photovoltaic system – harnesses energy for the room’s electronic devices. The room is completely mobile by means of a motor the size of a small fishing boat. I hope it’s hurricane Sandy-proof.


5. SOLAR-POWERED ROLLERBLADING ROBOT CHARIOT: Ever wondered what it was like to ride in a chariot like the Roman warriors of time past? Well wonder no more with this solar-powered robotic chariot, which along with the use of multiple mirrors, can control the driver’s movements, causing the robot to skate on rollerblades.

Click here to watch RIDICULOUSNESS: http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/04/solar-powered-rollerblading-robot-carries-you-to-work-on-a-chari/

6. SOLAR-POWERED EYE BALLS: Remember when they told you not to look directly in to the sun? Well, researchers have now developed a new solar-powered eye implant that reestablishes the connection to the optic nerve, restoring sight to the visually impaired. This one is not really quirky. It’s more sci-fi, but available now. So we thought it should be on the list.

eyeball + solar-panel-small = solar-eye-balls


7. SOLAR-POWERED TOOTHBRUSH (that doesn’t require toothpaste!): Now, before you get grossed out and think – “how/why would I brush without toothpaste?” – This toothbrush is brilliantly designed with a solar panel at the base that conducts electrons to the top of the toothbrush through a lead wire. The chemical reaction of the electrons with acid in the mouth destroys plaque and bacteria. No toothpaste required! Researchers have found that this toothbrush destroys periodontal disease-causing bacteria. Conveniently enough, this toothbrush uses the same amount of light as a solar-powered calculator (this is great for camping).



We hope we’ve given you a glimpse into the quirky side of solar. But for those who don’t feel the need to dress up in Battlestar Galatica costumes with solar panels attached to their head on weekends, take it one day at a time; maybe just stick with looking into solar for your rooftop. Call today for a free Solar Consultation at (617) 564-3159 or visit our Free Solar Consult page!

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