10 Most Popular Solar Questions

10 Most Popular Solar Questions

Questions are a fact of life. They help us learn, understand our environment and make informed decisions.

Here at Rayah, we’re used to answering questions about solar. We’ve asked our consultants and Solar Care Specialists which questions they get the most and have compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Solar for commercial and residential.

  1. Isn’t Solar Expensive?

No.  No matter your income, we offer several ZERO Down Solar Programs that can fit your budget; These options include our popular $0 down lease (no install costs and no equipment costs) and the $0 Down Massachusetts Solar Loan program.  So no matter your budget income, we have a program to fit your budget. Switching to solar can be as cost-­free and painless as switching your cable provider. Contact us to learn more about our No Money Down options.

  1. Will the Solar Panels Affect my Roof?

Absolutely!  Solar acts like an umbrella, extending the life of your roof. Putting solar panels on your roof is like placing a protective shield on it. No more direct rain, snow and most importantly, sun.  Sunrays are the most damaging element to a roof (ever seen those cracked and curled shingles?). Solar acts like an umbrella, extending the life of your roof.

  1. Why Do Solar Panels Produce Less Power on a Hot Day?

Contrary to popular belief, PV solar panels produce power from light, not heat. In fact, heat is the enemy. Ask any electrical contractor and they will tell you about “resistance.” For the layperson, this means the hotter it gets, the less efficient electricity becomes. So with all other factors the same, a solar panel on a 40 degree day will produce a lot more power than on a 80 degree day.

  1. Do We Get Enough Sun to Make Solar Worth it? (After All, this is New England)​

Yes.  We get plenty of sun in Massachusetts.  In fact, many homes and businesses get as much as​ 50%, 75% and even 100% of their power from their solar panels.  With our high efficiency panels, customers can get more power than a conventional panel. However, even if you have only one solar panel on your roof, you will save money; two panels will double your savings, and so on. Did you know Germany has the most solar panels installed in the world (they produce a TON of solar electricity)? And most of those installations are further north than Boston.  Also, the great thing about solar power is that you are always connected to the grid. That means you will always have enough power.

  1. Will Solar Affect the Value of My Home?

Yes!  According to a nine­-year study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Realtors Association, homes with solar sell faster and for more money (about $17,000 on average) than their respective neighbors.  Also, in MA, there is a neat law that prevents solar from increasing your property tax.

  1. What Do I Have to Do to Go Solar?

We make it simple to go solar with our Turnkey and Worry­-Free process.  We handle the design, construction, permitting, paperwork and inspections.  One day you will come home, look up, see panels on your roof and say, “That was easy – I didn’t have to do a thing!”  

  1. What about the Maintenance Costs?

​ All SunPower systems are covered by the industry best 25/25/25 warranty. That includes all system repair and maintenance pertaining to the function of your solar system.  Basically, we take care of everything for you.

  1. Does Electrical Pipe Have to be Exposed on My House?

It depends. You may have seen some really ugly solar installations with silver metal conduit littering the rooftop, but that is not always necessary. At Rayah Solar, we go to great lengths to hide and/or minimize exposed pipe and junction boxes on the roof. With some DC systems it may be possible to run the metal conduit within your attic, but that is not always possible. With an AC microinverter system, we can run romex wire through the attic, and if there is a chase, all the way down to your main service electric panel. We have many installations with no exposed rooftop pipes!

  1. How Does a Home or Property Qualify for Solar?

Good southern orientation, limited shading, roof pitch and enough available roof space are the criteria used to qualify a property for solar.  Excitingly, with advancements in technology, we can put solar panels on more roofs than ever – so don’t pre-­qualify yourself, ​give us a call​ and let us determine if your roof is good for solar – we are the professionals.  

  1. Does the Solar Panel Matter?

Yes! You want to use a high-quality product with a WARRANTY you can TRUST! We use tier one solar panels like SunPower panels, – the world’s most efficient solar panel, with the best industry warranty. Read more on SunPower panels below.  

SIDENOTE: Please ask us about the ​3 Most Common Panels​ that we suggest you ​AVOID AT ALL COSTS!​  It’s surprising how often these are used.  We tell you upfront which products are good and which to avoid.  That way, if someone tells you they use any of these ​blacklisted products​ – buyer beware!


Can’t find your question in the list? Give us a call and we’ll make sure you get an answer. (617) 564-3159



About the Author:

Simi Dalyop is a freshman at Wesleyan University, with a concentration in science and pre-medical studies. She seeks to provide the Rayah Experience through thoughtful, informative blogs, focusing on marketing and social media outreach.


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