Battery Back-Up FAQs

Q: Do you recommend battery backup solutions?  

A: Yes, kinda…maybe. We offer a variety of energy storage and battery backup solutions, but we only recommend them if it is a good fit for your situation. Solely as a backup source of power, batteries are expensive.  However, in some residential, commercial or utility scale applications, energy storage maybe a great solution.


Q: What is the Difference Between a Battery Backup and Energy Storage?

A: Imagine an engine, perhaps you could use it to power an automobile or a piece of machinery.  Similarly, a battery system can be used for different purposes. If the batteries are primarily used as a source of backup power during a power outage, then it is a battery backup. However, you could use that same battery system for other purposes. For instance, you might want to have solar panels provide power to your home and charge your batteries during the day and at night, run off the stored battery power. This would be called an energy storage system because the batteries are providing primary power to the home.


Q: Will the New SMART Program be Offer a Battery Incentive?

A: Yes, the SMART program will offer a battery incentive. The program is set to begin on November 26th.


Additional Information

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