Why SunPower?

Rayah installs SunPower. Want to know why? Keep Reading.


Q: Why does Rayah Solar use SunPower Panels?

A: After years of market research, solar installations and product tests, we have decided to use SunPower systems for our residential solar installations.  SunPower stands in a class of its own – judge for yourself. SunPower Facts:

  • US-Based Company
  • Established in 1984; the only solar company to outlive its 25 year warranty
  • Publicly Traded
  • Best Warranty: 25 years on Performance, Product and Labor
  • Warranty Security: Majority Owned by Total (the 11th largest company in the world)
  • Most efficient solar panels
  • Most reliable solar panels
  • Best looking solar panels


Q: What else makes SunPower stand out from the crowd?  

A:  SunPower is a technology-heavy US-based solar manufacturer with more installations than any other solar company in America.  Let’s list just a few other reasons why the SunPower company stands atop the pack:

  • Over 8 million panels installed, on over 100,000 installations
  • Over 5,500 US employees (largest solar manufacturer employer in the US)
  • Technology Driven: Over 450 Patents
  • Solid Financially: Profitable solar manufacturer
  • The Choice for companies like: Apple, Walmart, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Fedex, and many more.


Q: What does it mean that the SunPower Equinox is the “World’s First Comprehensive System”?

A: The “SunPower Equinox” is the first solar system engineered and manufactured by the same company – that includes the solar panels, inverters, racking and monitoring. SunPower had the Equinox system tested, approved and listed as one system by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). All other solar systems will have  panels, inverters and racking all made by different companies and listed under separate UL Listings. The Equinox is literally designed to work together, from your rooftop to light switch.


Q: What is the difference between the SunPower 25/25/25 warranty, and a typical 25-year solar panel warranty?

A: Other solar companies say they have a 25-year panel warranty, but that warranty only covers production. If you have an equipment issue, it’s usually only covered for 10 years. And if there is any issue, the labor is not included. Who is going to pay for that?  SunPower is the only solar company to cover all three areas: Performance, Equipment and Labor for 25 years.


Q: SunPower has the world’s most efficient solar panels, but does that mean more savings?

A: Yes, but… let us explain. Imagine having a race car that could break the world speed record, but afterwards broke down. In that case, the faster speeds would only produce short-term benefits. Also, the benefits could easily be overshadowed by the cost to get the car running again. SunPower panels not only give you more power in the short-term, but also on a long-term basis. With their patented Maxeon cell technology, SunPower panels produce more power over longer periods of time than a conventional panel.  


We believe in the Rayah Experience. And a part of that experience is the products we use.  That’s why we’ll only offer you what we would put on our homes, in fact we have.

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