Massachusetts Incentives ~ Encouraging Solar Forward Movement!


Did you know that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a goal and a plan to reach 1.6 giga-watts of solar PV electricity by the year 2020? That is an amazing goal. It started back in 2008 with an initial goal of 400 measly mega-watts by 2016. Incentives were created to move the markets for people in the Commonwealth. Then, a funny thing happened – the 400 mega-watts was reached in 2013… can you believe it? So, we regrouped and revised a meager goal to a monster goal: 1.6 Giga-watts by 2020!

While it is true that incentives keep adjusting, we are still well on our way to reaching our goal, right on time. What does this mean for the process? Let’s just say that there is a lot of interest in solar PV right now. So the question is… What are YOU waiting for? Give us a call today! (617) 564-3159 to see how going solar can work for you! Article By: Bruce Davis, Certified Safe Electric

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