Go Solar the SMART Way:

How Homeowners Can Get Paid to Go Solar

The long awaited, anticipated, talked-about, blogged about SMART program is finally here! The program accepted its first slew of online applications November 26, 2018 with an initial application deadline for submissions ending on Friday, November 30, 2018. This initial 5-day application submission opening was set to help the DOER and SMART gauge the volume of projects looking to participate in the program – as well as using this period to determine review time for applications and funding moving forward. Now, if you have not gone solar yet and are either on the fence or trying to understand how this new program will benefit you and your solar goals, then this blog is for you.

The SMART program is the new State regulated program, which will now work hand in hand with MA’s largest utilities (Eversource, Unitil and National Grid) to provide credit payments directly to system owners on a monthly basis, based on each system’s production (there are calculators to determine incentive payment amounts). What this also means is that utilities will now be able to track the solar system’s production (which they couldn’t do before).

Below are more relevant changes that are meaningful for homeowners to know:

  • The SMART program is here to boost and encourage solar adoption in MA (by the way, MA is still a leader in the US when it comes to lucrative solar and renewable energy incentives)!
  • SMART Incentives are paid directly by the utilities, not through an aggregator (i.e. a broker).
  • Incentive payments are issued every month, and have an expiration date of 90 days from the time it is paid out by the utilities.
  • Systems looking to qualify under the SMART program must be registered online by submitting an application.
  • The SMART application is simple and is taken care of by us!
  • As part of the solar installation, the additional equipment needed for the utilities’ SMART meter will be installed, in order for the utility to put in their production meter for the system.
  • There are additional incentives for projects that are low-income or are looking to add energy storage.

System owners will still get net metering credits and the 30% Federal tax credit (which will be decreasing to 26% after 2019 and going away completely by the end of 2021), as well as 10 years worth of SMART incentive payments. So is it still worth going solar? Absolutely. And as usual, it is ALWAYS better to go solar now, rather than later!

To get more detailed information of the benefits of SMART for your system, please contact us to speak with one of our experienced Solar Consultants today. 617.564.3159


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