I Feel Like Chicken Little

I Feel Like Chicken Little

It’s funny how a seemingly unrelated event can spur a vivid childhood memory. While thinking about SRECs, I remembered being a child and watching a car make a wrong turn, then turn around and make the same wrong turn. “Stupid is not making a mistake,” remarked my father, “stupid is making the same mistake twice. Perhaps, the moving target called the “End of SRECs” is not quite the same thing, but I have to admit, I feel a bit like Chicken Little.

For more than a year, we have been telling customers that the Massachusetts SREC program would soon end and be replaced by the new SMART program. In fact, that is true. The problem is that we have given deadlines to our customers on several occasions, and each time, the deadline comes and goes, and then, of course, the SREC deadline is extended. And I want to make this clear, these deadlines were not set by Rayah, but rather, by the MA Department of Energy and Resources (DOER). The purpose of this article is not to fault anyone, but I must say, this has been frustrating for everyone.

The Problem with Chicken Little

“Integrity” is one of our most important goals at Rayah. Integrity is written into our company Mission Statement and defined as “doing what you said you would do.” The problem with Chicken Little and characters like the Boy Who Cried Wolf is that when you say, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” and then, low-and-behold, the SREC program does not end, eventually your words lose their potency. Even worse, people may start to question everything the person says, because after all, the sky did not fall.

Setting the Record Straight

I don’t think for a second that the transitional delays between SREC and SMART were intentional. Nor am I implying that any entity involved lacks integrity. You see, I’m a sports fan, and about this time last year the Los Angeles Lakers drafted top college prospect Lonzo Ball as the number two pick in the NBA draft. At the time, Lonzo’s outspoken father claimed the Lakers would be a 50-win playoff team. In the 2018 season, they had a losing record of 35-47 and missed the playoffs. Additionally, we’ve all heard CEO’s lofty production goals or quarterly earnings, only to see the complete opposite results.

I think most of the time, over-optimism is to blame for unrealistic goals and timeframes. Other times, it’s the pressure of leadership – nobody wants to hear they will have a losing team for the next few years. In any case, I hope our customers and readers can forgive us. In truth, personally, I feel bad that we’ve made several end of SREC announcements, only to later have to change the date.

So… When is SREC Ending?

Gulp! And double gulp!!  With grave hesitation and begging precautionary absolution, SREC is reported to finally come to an end sometime this summer. Deep breath… With that said, we could potentially be in the crunch time for getting projects permitted and installed before that pending time frame. If someone reads this and thinks, “I’ve heard this before”, and chooses to ignore this timeframe, I totally understand.

My final point is this; the SREC program will end, and it seems clear that there will be a reduction in the Massachusetts solar incentive after SREC. I know that many people like to cram the night before a test, and maybe that works for them. However, if you are still considering solar, why wait until the sky has fallen?


Article Written by: Brad Stoler – Solar Consultant – Rayah Solar

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