Ways to Conserve While Under Quarantine or (COVID-tine)

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While we are all hobbiting away during the State of Emergency, we at Rayah think it’s important as a company and as individuals working and living in the renewable energy landscape, is to share some best ways to conserve as much as you can while under house arrest. Sorry, I mean quarantine/chains/torture by children being home from school….ok….

Disclaimer: This even goes to our already solar-savvy crowd – those that feel-they’ve-gotten-it-all-together-and-blast-their-AC-all-summer-long-even-when-no-one-is-in-the-house-because-they-got-it-like-that. Yes, even you.

First way to conserve is to unplug appliances

  1. Unplug unused appliances. You’d be surprised how much money you will save in the long run by unplugging the internet at night and the microwave or electric kettle after each use. Those things use electricity just being plugged in, regardless if they are in use or not1. I’ve been unplugging devices, even before COVID-19 (boom), and this has personally helped me conserve energy and money. And as a helpful side note, unplugging the internet at night reduces the amount of EMF radiation, allowing you to sleep better, which in turn, allows your body to heal and recover, which essentially allows it to build immunity and fight off sickness and ailments2.                   Hint, hint. Especially in these times, do not underestimate the body’s natural ability to heal itself – you just have to give it what it needs! Take vitamin C religiously. Alright, moving on.
    After you finish reading this blog, you can also check out our blog How To Prevent Phantom Loads In Your Home, which details which household items and devices use the most energy and how unplugging them helps you manage energy usage. 

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2. Turn off the lights. You got it – you better Teddy Pendergrass3 and turn those lights off when they are not being used! I know this may still be a reality for some youngins’ out there – and for the rest of us – traumatic flashbacks of being yelled at to turn off lights once we left the room (or even while we were still in the room), but this is a real energy saver and at the end of the day, saves you money. And in this climate, saving every dollar counts. 

That being said, for those that want to take it a step further, you can even try keeping the lights off…at night! I think we should go back to the olden days of candle sticks and lanterns and carry wooden torches around the house. Just make sure you keep your fire extinguishers handy in case you accidentally start a fire. Don’t want to see you on the news.

3. Stay in bed longer. This alleviates two problems – being cold which leads to turning up/adding extra heating devices, and eating all the food. Staying in the bed longer ensures you staying insulated and cozy with your natural body heat and blankets rather than cranking up the heat. The food dynamic leads me to my fourth point:

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4. Food Rationing. Did I just say ‘ration’? Yes. Not like a World War II movie, but for those of you that have teenage boys (and more than one) in the house, being more thoughtful of how the food is eaten or having prepped meals (since you might not have anything else to do) is helpful in managing how much is being eaten each day. This will hopefully a) limit you from going out and b) having to spend money. Besides, if your teen tells you they’re still hungry, you might want to consider telling them to go out and catch a possum or two to eat. Don’t. Although, they might be delicious.

5. Watch the news intermittently. Yes, this is conserving your personal energy! Play games, sing songs, spend time with your loved ones, read, detox. Give yourself a break from the news, social media, etc. – do all of the things you can’t do when you’re forced to go to work…. I mean, well, whatever, you know what I mean. Many of us talk about what we’d like to do if we didn’t have to go out and work – so now’s the time to do it! Hang outside in the backyard. If you don’t have one, hang out on the porch or just stick your head out of the window. Rest. You may not get another chance to work from home or to be at home outside of sick leave, maternity leave, paid leave, or the other ‘leaves’ that don’t come with pay. We know our lovely children can be annoying, but think of it this way – when will you have the next opportunity to be annoyed in this way with your beautiful family?

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6. Don’t worry. Also, in line with conserving your personal energy. There are Federal and State procedures which are continually working to offer assistance and information about COVID-19 and how to navigate any other concerns that arise4

In conclusion, stay safe, stay home and stay relaxed. Educate yourself while you do. Think about things that make you happy – even the small things. If possible, do them. And laugh!

All the Best,

The Rayah Solar Team


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Bonus Resources: 

  1. How Rednecks prepare for the CORONA VIRUS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTYxDMYKyiI
  2. Choir Rehearsal vs The Coronavirus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOlFNC_GuZI

Links to things that have nothing to do with this blog (spoilers: cute and funny videos):

  1. Polar Bear Cub Surprised by Seal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmnKbBmYii8
  2. How They Expect You to React When You Get an Amber Alert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Ek1nWndTg


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