Utility Companies Support Solar! What’s Stopping You Now?

There is no better time than now to establish a new relationship with your utility provider! Utility companies continue to rally behind the idea of using renewable resources for power by giving consumers the choice to determine where their power is coming from and how it will be distributed to them. Let’s take a look at National Grid, one of the largest investor-owned utility companies in Massachusetts and learn how they’ve expanded their options.

Over the past few years solar energy has become a fast growing industry in many states including Massachusetts. Once National Grid realized the advancement of solar for their consumers it was inevitable that they would be a part of this phenomenon. As Solar grew so did National Grid. As a distributed generator, National Grid and many other utility companies became accustomed to developing innovative ways to intertwine renewable energy to meet their demand. Initially, they wanted to insure the safety of this new workings for their business but over time they realized that solar would soon become their new source of energy.


Solar Growth

Utility approval plays an integral part when connecting to the grid with solar. Without the proper precautions taken by the utility company, there could be dangers to anyone handling the system. By requesting to interconnect with your utility company they provide a quality connection to prevent potential disturbances if the system wasn’t properly installed.

Before interconnecting, your provider requires you apply for the initial approval to install your system. This allows them to know what you’re looking to install and how. Once that is submitted they will review over the documents and send a conditional approval. Under the condition you have your system tested by a building and electrical inspector your local utility company will come to your home and install a Net Meter (learn about how you can get credits back) on your home. This is your new tracking meter which shows you how much you’re solar panels are producing.

During the final approval, utility companies will be modifying your electric bill by lowering their production and increasing your solar production so you can see what your system is producing for you! So after all the paperwork and patiently waiting you can now start to see the results of going solar.

So, are you ready take the first step and begin to start your new journey with solar? Rayah Solar is here to provide a turnkey/worry free experience for our customers looking to save money while building a new foundation with your utility provider. Call Us Today! 617-564-3159


Article by: Doretta B. – Project Management, Rayah Solar

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