Tree Hugger On A Budget

Now, most of us agree that saving the planet is a noble cause, and a worthwhile pursuit. But for many reasons, a lot of us stop short of this grand crusade. But what if I told you that you can change your lifestyle without breaking the bank? Check out Rayah’s top 6 simple ways to save the planet and your wallet:

6. Bring your own: Now we wouldn’t imply that you should be without your morning coffee. But why not cut out those wasteful paper cups by furnishing your own mug. Or better yet, brew your own while you get dressed. An extra $5.00+ a day goes a long way. Your wallet and the planet will thank you. (Same goes for plastic bottles. Why throw away thousands a year on bottled water? A water filter and a water bottle can change your life!)

5. Re-use what you have: Did your grandmother ever tell you “Waste not, want not,”? Well, Nana was right! There are things we buy every day that can easily be transformed into something new and useful. Baby food jars are the perfect size for travel cosmetics, empty margarine containers make great Tupperware, and those little plastic containers you get when you order takeout? Ideal for salad dressing or hummus in a packed lunch. So do your wallet, yourself, and the planet a favor, turn that “trash” into gently used treasure!

4. Grow it yourself: Now, we may be pushing it a little here, but there are innumerable benefits to growing your own foods (like reducing your grocery bill). And it’s not as hard as you may think! Click here to find a few veggies that grow easily indoors and even without soil: And for those of you who can’t grow weeds, try Aloe Vera. Needing little attention and even less water these green superheroes will purify your air, leave your skin glowing, and cleanse your system. And they’re desert plants, so even if you forget to water them they’ll be just fine. Want to go the extra mile? Try turning your food leftovers into compost that you can use as fertilizer for your budding garden. No chemicals, no pricy packaging. No muss, no fuss. Hear the planet sigh in relief!

3. Clean Green: Most of us have a cleaning day. One day where we put on gloves and inhale noxious fumes. Not only bad for the environment, but bad for your skin and lungs as well, heavy duty cleaners are bad news all around. Instead, try using baking soda, lemon juice, and white vinegar as your cleaners of choice. Cleaning as good as or better than their toxic counterparts this trio will clean just about anything you throw at them. From tile to dishes to laundry to mold they will leave your home sparkling and fresh. Plus, chances are you already have these in your pantry, so no need to go buying more expensive cleaners. Cha-Ching!

2. Play Simple: Many parents spend lots of money buying toys for their little ones. And we understand…you want nothing but the best. But with a little experimentation you’ll be surprised by what you find. Most young children are as happy, or even happier with simple items as they are with expensive toys that they may never play with. Give your children cardboard boxes, mirrors, and (if you can stand a little noise) pots and pans and watch their imaginations run wild! Plus, you get to say that you’ve done your part to cut down on the smog and by-products created from manufacturing plastic toys).

Keep It Fresh: Now we all do it. Forget about that head of lettuce in the back of the fridge until something starts to smell. Here’s our solution. Make a list! Go to the store and buy only what you plan to use. Not only will this cut down on impulse buys, it will eliminate food spoilage. Also, try making an effort to use what’s in the house before making another store run. Take the fresh veggies that are on their way out and make a simple stir-fry that can be saved in the fridge for lunch or instant dinner. And if you have more than you can really use, donate to your local soup kitchen or food pantry. They feed thousands of hungry people every day, and would appreciate the help. Keep money in your pocket, food out of landfills, and end world hunger all at the same time!

Be it due to the cost of green products, not wanting to sacrifice convenience, or just a general distaste for wheat grass, we all have our reasons for not making the switch to green living. But now, with these green solutions to everyday problems you can toss those excuses out the window. So go ahead and put a big Band-Aid on a hurting planet and your bleeding wallet. Change your Lifestyle…Join the Revolution! P.S. One of the greatest way to save the planet and your wallet is to go solar! Get the brownie points of planting about 20 mature trees a year or walking (instead of driving) about 7,000 miles without having to do either, all while providing some much needed relief for your wallet! Want some more ways to greenify your life and your budget? Check out our sources:

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