Six Pre-Winter Home Maintenance Tips

David Rossinow, owner and President of Highland Home Inspections, Inc., based in Newton, MA, has teamed up with Rayah Solar to provide a few helpful winter tips for homeowners.

1. Clean up the yard, driveway and walkways so snow removal tasks are easy and litter free.

2. Place a covered plastic pail outside with sand and de-icer for slip free access.

3. Have all gutters, downspouts and leaders cleaned.

4. Have your chimney flues inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. For qualified chimney sweeps: visit or

5. Check your roof for any missing or slipping shingles and leaks of any flashings.

6. Have your heating system serviced.

As a professional home inspector David is dedicated to high quality customer service and the education of his clients. Teaching, as well as observing, the understanding of residential properties, their structure, operating systems and components is what David expresses as his responsibility.

David Rossinow
Phone: (617)593-0056

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