Energy Efficiency: 10 Things You Should Know

Free MassSave Energy Audit: Every month you pay an “Energy Conservation” charge on your electric bill. Did you know this pays for you to have a free MassSave energy audit? An energy audit provides you with a complete efficiency analysis of your home. They’ll replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs for free (yes, they actually screw them in for you) and once complete, you can apply for a plethora of rebate and incentive programs.*If you didn’t know you were paying for this on your electric bill, you only get half credit Unplug Your Appliances: Even though an appliance is not in use, it is still drawing some electricity. Unplugging all those unused devices will save you money (yes, I do this).

Cable Boxes are Suckers: Cable boxes draw a lot of power, whether they are in use or not. Pull the plug at night and see what happens to your electric bill.

Turn Off the Lights: Simply turning off the lights will go a long way towards reducing your energy costs. If you forget, have kids, or just want some help, automatic light sensors are a great cost effective solution.

Reduce Shower Time: No matter how you get your hot water, you are paying to heat it. Reducing the amount of hot water you use can help cut costs. Here’s a helpful tip: wet yourself, turn off the shower, wash, and then turn back on the water to rinse (or use a bucket if you are up to the challenge). If you do this, watch both your electric/gas and water bills plummet.

New Appliances: Those old appliances aren’t just an eye sore, they are a drain on your budget. An old fridge or freezer could be costing you several hundred dollars in excess power usage. MassSave offers rebates on Energy Star appliances; so there is no reason to suffer any longer with that old clunker.
Tankless Hot Water: You no longer need a giant water tank in your basement to heat your water. You can convert to a gas or electric tankless hot water system. These are energy efficient – plus you never run out of hot water.

Insulation: If your home is not well insulated, then you are bleeding out your precious hot and cool air. Now, with MassSave rebates, you can get up to $2,000 off insulation work.

Replacement Windows: If you can feel Mother Nature through your windows, then perhaps it’s time to replace them. This will dramatically help reduce home heating and cooling costs. Make sure you check out MassSave rebates before you buy.

Window AC vs. Central Air: A new multiple zone central air system can really help you save money during those scorching hot summer day

*BONUS: LED Christmas Lights.
**DOUBLE BONUS: Solar is the #1 way to reduce your home’s energy costs! Put your roof to work for you.

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