25 Helpful Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know: Session 1

Are you new to the wonderful new world of home ownership? Or maybe you’re a home veteran that’s looking for ways to take your home to the next level (or just keep from breaking the bank). Either way, I’m sure you’ve come across some things that you wish someone would have told you. From bills and finances, to taxes, to professional help, to repairs and maintenance, check out our 25 tips that every homeowner should know.  Tune in over the next couple of posts for the remaining tips!

Money Saving Tips/Updates:

1.) Hang a Clothesline:

clothesline Reminiscent of days gone by and country living, clotheslines are a cost effective solution to laundry, even today. To save money on electric costs hang your clothes outside on the line. The sun will sanitize your clothes while the summer breeze gives your clothes a fresh, refreshing smell. Live in the city? Try stringing a line in your laundry room or storage space. This also works great during the winter months.

2.) Turn Down the Water Heater: Really, even in the dead of winter, who needs water hot enough to boil an egg? Turn down your water heater to about 120 degrees. This will really cut down on the cost of heating water, as the water heater will maintain the water at whatever temperature you set, even if you are not using it. This will also prevent accidental scalding, particularly if you have kids in the house.

3.) Unpack Immediately/Control the Clutter:

clutter-control-1 Many people do it (including me). They move into a new place and take their time unpacking. And as a result we spend months searching through boxes looking for our favorite mug and coffee maker. The thought behind it is simple, take your time and get to it when you can. But reality is much more complicated. In the midst of the busyness of life unpacking gets pushed far to the back burner. Instead try unpacking immediately. Call all your friends, take a weekend, and make a party of it. It may be a drag in the moment, but in the end it will make living in your new home much more enjoyable. This also goes for controlling clutter. Tackle it immediately! You’ll be happy you did.

4.) Don’t Put Off ‘Til Tomorrow What You Can Do Today: Leaky faucet? Broken light switch? Every house has those little problems that are mildly annoying, but not a huge deal. Don’t let the little nuciences pile up. Take care of them as they arise so you don’t end up with a honey-do list a mile long next Memorial Day). Plus, nipping those little problems in the bud keeps them from turning into much larger, more expensive problems. So go ahead and deal with it today, so you won’t have to remember it tomorrow.

5.) Be Open to Change: Whether you just signed on the dotted line or have owned your home for decades one thing is true for us all. People do not like change. Whether because it looks like it will take extra work, or simply because we can’t envision things any other way  most people prefer things to remain the way they are. But sometimes change just isn’t a good thing, it’s the best thing for you and your home. Whether painting a room a new shade (maybe a color you never thought of) or changing up the bathroom, changes, even small ones, can transform your home into a completely new space. So don’t be afraid. Experiment, and follow where the wind takes you!

Article By: Selah ~ Inside Sales Manager, Rayah Solar

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