Power Management

August 13, 2020

Connected Solutions Demand Response Program

The Connected Solutions demand response program helps to provide an affordable and practical way for renewable energy to find a place in our lives. Continue Reading ›

April 29, 2019

Smart Home Monitoring

Are you the type of person that likes to know the details? Do you like to keep your personal business - personal? Is access to your financial information important to you? If this is ... Continue Reading ›

October 22, 2018

Battery Back-Up FAQs

Q: Do you recommend battery backup solutions?   A: Yes, kinda...maybe. We offer a variety of energy storage and battery backup solutions, but we only recommend them if it is a good fit for ... Continue Reading ›

August 3, 2017

Is It Time To Backup? A Brief Talk on Battery Backups and Energy Storage

  Sonnen Batterie Recently, I attended the Smart Energy America Conference in Boston. My goal was to get a better understanding of the prospects of battery backup systems, especially in conjunction with solar systems. ... Continue Reading ›

January 8, 2016

Getting To Tesla: A Brief History

        With the launch of the Telsa Powerwall, all of a sudden battery backup technology is a hot topic. There is a lot to know about the battery/storage industry, and what ... Continue Reading ›

November 13, 2014

The Good, Bad, and The Dirty of Solar Inverters (And Bonus – The Best)

What is a solar inverter? And why does it matter? The solar inverter is the contraption on a solar system that converts Direct Current (DC) power into Alternating Current (AC). That is important because ... Continue Reading ›