Michael Ferry: Fighting Fire with Solar

“It’s really a no brainer, once you know the facts about solar installation and the benefits associated with it. It’s really a win-win.”

– Michael Ferry, Swansea, MA

Michael Ferry, a Fall River Firefighter, after moving to the town of Swansea in 2008, had his sights set on installing solar for his new home. When Michael called our office, he basically said, “I have a quote from another solar company, but I’m not going to tell you the amount or the products, but I want you to give me your quote.” We put Brad Stoler, the Sales Manager, on the phone with Michael and he asked him a couple questions just to get a baseline; “what watt panels were on the other quote?” And, “is it designed with micro inverters or a string inverter?”

Based on Michael’s answers, Brad told Michael which panel brand he suspected was on the quote and the brand of the micro inverter. Brad also explained to Michael that if they used a specific model micro inverter, which Brad thought they did, then they had designed Michael’s system on the cheap and were short changing him power. When Brad showed up to Michael’s house, Michael just looked at him and said “you were right about everything you said, even the micro inverter model.” Needless to say, he quickly signed up to go solar with Rayah Solar. Michael wanted to work with the experts who weren’t going to skimp out or cut corners with their products.

Michael is also a fireman, and shortly after signing I got a call from his Fire Chief asking me “when are you going to put panels on my house too?”




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