Hallam Holmes: A Family Affair

I felt like it was an award show or a television network fooling me or something – telling me that I would get a solar system for free…”

-Hallam Holmes, Randolph MA

Rayah_solar_customerHallam Holmes is a resident of Randolph MA and has been solar for two years. He and his wife, Louis, have lived in Randolph for many years, among many neighborhood friends and family. As a former member of the Randolph Police Department, Hallam is likewise familiar with the town and those who live in it. After learning about our $0 Down Solar Program in 2012, Hallam made the decision to go solar and has been enjoying the savings and benefits of lowered utility bills and turn-key installation ever since. We recently joined Hallam at his daughter’s birthday party – as part of our post-install solar experience process, where he decided to share his solar experience with his family.

“I felt like it was an award show…,” was Hallam’s initial reaction after being told about our $0 down solar leasing option. “[The consultant was] telling me that I would get a solar system for free. At that point I decided to go [solar].”Hallam’s home is near the heart of the town, which allows for a seamless commute to and from work. Likewise, Hallam commented on the seamless nature of his installation process. “The installation was…easy; Just one or two days that I needed to come down and to keep the house open. They got it installed and the next day it was working.”

Hallam’s daughter recently tuned 3, and he took the opportunity to share the advantages of his solar experience with his family and friends.

In addition to being able to share his experience with his family, Hallam has also become a part of our Family – the Rayah Family.

To see more about Hallam’s experience, check out his video on our testimonials page.

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