Commercial Solar: A Wise Investment For Any Business


Solar Means Business

The steady increase in the residential solar power market has been nothing short of phenomenal! Homeowners all over the country have made remarkable changes in the area of finance, saving considerable amounts of money a year on electricity, just by making the simple choice of going solar. Now, one may ask… “If solar is such a great way to save money on energy, why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of this? Why is it not everywhere?

Well, that’s the exact point we will discuss in this article! Solar is not only a lucrative option for homeowners but has long-lasting operational and financial benefits for businesses as well. In fact, some of the most commonly known, well-run and efficient brands in business today (i.e. Wal-Mart, Toyota, and Costco to name a few) have already made a turn to solar energy to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive business landscape. From the multi-billion dollar fortress to the small local town shops, the point is this: Commercial Solar Is A Wise Investment For Any Business!


1.Incentives and Leasing Options

Government Incentives

Federal and state governments have put together aggressive financial incentives to help make the out-right purchase of a commercial or residential solar system easier to manage. The federal government created the Investment Tax Credit, which offers businesses (and homeowners) a 30% tax credit for installing a solar power system until 2016. There is no cap amount for the tax credit, so whether it’s a $20,000 home system or a $100,000 commercial system, the credit can be used. There are also state tax credits and rebates in most cities in the U.S. that further help reduce the overall cost. In addition to these incentives, many states have a net metering policy, which means that you pay for only the amount of electricity that you use. With the net metering system, businesses are able to make their solar system “work for them” by banking the excess electricity their solar system generates and receive a credit of up to 100% of their electric bill and use that credit in the end to offset their bill even further.

Wal-Mart Panels

Leasing Options

Businesses have the ability to lease the solar system if they don’t want to come up with a large upfront payment. With leasing solar for business, companies can lease the system for 15-20 years. In this instance, the business does not benefit from the federal and state incentives because they don’t own the system, instead the business will pay a fixed rate for the use of the system and reap the benefits of cheaper, more stable power. In addition, another variation of the leasing model is the power purchase agreement (PPA). Under the PPA program, the solar provider takes care of everything, from the cost of the installation to maintaining and monitoring the system and its energy production. The solar provider sells the energy from the installed system to the building owner at a fixed contractual price for the term of the contract. So, the business pays a fixed rate for the cheaper energy produced on the top of the building. With many different options in place, businesses are able to go solar for little to no money out of pocket while reaping the benefits of clean energy … a win-win for everyone!

2.Operational Efficiency

Businesses that go solar can dramatically reduce their operating expenses. As the system produces over time, the corporate utility costs will significantly decline to the point where the savings will eventually cover the cost of the solar system. In addition to lowering the operating expenses, solar power can help to hedge against the rise of utility rates. Historically, electricity rates have increased on average 5.5% a year. By going solar, businesses can protect themselves from these increases by paying a cheaper rate for producing their own electricity!

3. Marketing Advantages

College Park Car Wash

Going Solar Is Attractive

Going solar for a business represents a commitment to quality, care and operational efficiency. While more and more commercial buildings are beginning to see the usefulness of going green, commercial solar is still in the minority. By marketing your business as a green building, you raise the likelihood of getting media attention, as you become the forefront of modern construction. Take for instance this self-serve car wash in College Park, MD. The owner, Dave Dugoff, had been considering solar paneling for a while and couldn’t find a great avenue to get the job done the way he wanted. After working with a local installer, not only does he have a beautiful array on his establishment, his entire solar process has reverberated throughout the country and triggered many small businesses to consider going solar! Now, that’s what I call excellent and effective public relations!

4. Most Businesses Are Excellent Candidates For Solar


With all that we have learned about solar for business… 1) government incentives to help offset out of pocket costs or the ability to lease the system 2) solar can help cut operational costs so businesses can put their money where they need it and 3) the advantage of being a company with the reputation of quality because of going green, we can see how simple it is for any business to make the switch.

If your business 1) has a large electric bill due to heating water or operating machinery, 2) provides round-the-clock operations or 3) is subject to energy spikes in high intensity months (like summer or winter), then you should consider going solar. So the question now is… What Are You Waiting For? Here At Rayah Solar, we not only offer you a state of the art solar system, customed-designed to fit the needs of your business but exceptional  customer service, with our team walking you through the install process every step of the way. Call us today at (617) 564-3159 and speak with our Development Department to see how we can help you capitalize on this amazing opportunity!



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Article By: Kendra ~ Marketing Coordinator, Rayah Solar


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