About Rayah Solar

Rayah Solar is your premier provider of solar and renewable energy products.

We have mastered the art of Turnkey and Worry-Free Solar. This means a strong emphasis on customer service and making the entire process Worry-Free. We show up, explain to you how we can put solar panels on your roof for $0 Down and shortly after, you have brand new solar panels on your home or business.

For us, customer service is not just a by-word; it is built into our company name “Rayah,” which means “Friend!” We believe that treating each customer as a friend is integral to giving you the customer experience you deserve.

This experience also includes Quality! We only use brand name, tier-one products. To save you money, we buy from the largest distributor of German solar products in the world. That’s how we can offer you the BMW of solar at the price of a Toyota. All of our customers can boast of the world’s best solar systems with an exceptional customer service experience.

We specialize in Photovoltaic (PV) solar for residential, commercial, non-profit and international installations. We can also provide you with solar thermal (hot water) and other excellent efficiency products.

Beautiful home with tan side paneling and solar arrays

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