Frequently Asked Questions

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Popular Solar Questions

Q: Isn’t Solar Expensive?

Q: Will the Solar Panels Affect my Roof?

Q: Do We Get Enough Sun to Make Solar Worth it? (After All, this is New England)

Q: Will Solar Affect the Value of my Home?

Q: What about the Maintenance Costs?

Q: How does a Home or Property Qualify for Solar Property?

Q: Does the Solar Panel Matter?

Please ask us about the 3 Most Common Panels that we suggest you AVOID AT ALL COSTS! It’s surprising how often these are used. We tell you upfront which products are good and which to avoid. That way, if someone tells you they use any of these blacklisted products – beware.

Financial Questions (Buying & Leasing)

Q: What are my Payment Options?

Q: How Much Will I Save?

Q: How can a Solar Lease be Offered for little or $0 down?

Q: How do I get the Solar Incentives?

Q: What Solar Incentives are Available if I Own the Panels?

Q: What is the Typical Payback Period if I Purchase the Solar Panels?

Q: What if I move?

Q: What happens at the end of the Lease term?

Q: Will the Solar System Cause My Property Taxes to Increase?

Comparing Solar Options

Q: Is it Better to go Solar Now or Later?

Q: Is it Better to Lease or Own?

Environmental Questions:

Q: How does Solar Affect my Carbon Footprint?

Q: Can Solar Panels be Recycled?

Q: Are Some Solar Panels Better for the Environment than others?

How Solar Works

Q: How Much of the Power Produced will Belong to My Home or Business?

Q: Will my solar panels keep producing electricity during a power outage?

Q: Will Solar Work on Cloudy, Rainy or Snowy Days?

Q: Do Solar Panels Work Best on Hot Days?

Q: Will the Solar Panels Produce More or Less Power Depending on the Season?

Q: I have Some Shade, Will it Still Work or be Worth It?

Q: How is the Annual Production of a Solar System Determined?

Q: How Does Solar Interact with the Grid?

Q: Will My Utility Company Cut Me a Check?

Q: Where are Solar Panels Installed?

Q: What are the Requirements for a Roof Mounted Installation?

Q: What are the Requirements for a Ground Mounted Installation?

Q: What if I have a backup generator?

Q: Is the Installation Complicated?

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