Solar Is In Your Neighborhood!!!

Have you noticed all of the solar projects going up around you? Do your neighbors have solar? Perhaps a relative or a friend just got solar installed? What about the guy down the block? I am certain that you can find a neighborhood near you that has several solar projects.

If you have not yet noticed your neighbors choosing solar, you will soon. Solar is everywhere. And I see it more than ever before. Now this could be because I install solar so solar panels naturally catch my eye. But, I do not think so. While being a solar installer keeps me looking at roofs, the truth is that there are just more solar systems to look for. Want to know one reason for that? Solar panels simply look good on a roof. They certainly look good on my house. They look good on my uncle’s house. And I’m sure that they would look especially good on your house (particularly when you get your electric bill).

They even look good on the ground as I am seeing more and more ground mounted systems being installed. There are thousands of panels going in along highways all over Massachusetts. When I see this I cannot help but smile. Solar is cool like that to me. It makes me smile. And seeing that many panels, knowing the electricity that is coming from the sun, is, for whatever reason, gratifying. How is that not cool?

Solar is awesome…. and there has never been a better time to go solar than right now!!!

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