Overcoming With Solar!

For some, pursuing certain goals in life are deemed difficult to nearly impossible because of current circumstances, whether financial or otherwise that are not easily changed by human strength or monetary convenience.

Here at Rayah, we take every circumstance a customer faces to heart, whether directly related to their solar ambitions or not. We work with homeowners to create a solution that not only helps them to achieve their solar goals that come with overcoming challenges that otherwise would have been insurmountable. Here are just a few of our customer stories about how they overcame by going solar.

I.  Connected After Being Turned Down

Mr. Customer, from Lynn, MA, had three major issues: a bad roof, a shoddy/old electrical system and a two-family home. Mr. Customer had spent 4 years looking to go solar but every solar company turned him down for one of the three reasons. In addition, many solar companies were not accepting homes that were two-family. And then he met Rayah Solar. Not only were we willing to work with him with the roofing issues, we also included the electrical work into the scope of his project, at a rate that made the work needed affordable for him. He was also getting top tier panels and state of the art inverter technology, without paying a penny more.

II.  Dog-Sitting

Mr. & Mrs. Customer from Framingham, MA both worked full-time and had recently come off of vacation. Because of this they would not have been able to take the day off for another couple of months. Mrs. Customer was eager to get installed and her and her husband did not want to delay the install but did not feel comfortable leaving the house open without someone to look after the house and the dog. More importantly, they didn’t have anyone that could watch the house and their dog while they were away. After seeing the dilemma, Rayah coordinated with their project manager to house/dog sit for the install!

III. Getting The Work Done

Mr. Customer in Canton, MA needed structural work in order to go solar. However, at the time for the structural work to be done, the structural engineer determined that the current structure was not sufficient to safely support the roof even without solar panels. This of course, was a shock to our customers, who had just purchased the home a year ago and had no knowledge of its precarious condition. Not to mentioned they had a baby on the way. With only a narrow access point from inside the customer’s bedroom closet and very little crawl space inside of the attic, it was thought to be nearly impossible to do the work the engineer had prescribed. However, with a lot of man power (and man hours), the work was completed. In the end, they would not only have more money in their wallet from going solar but they could also be confident that their home would be safe to raise their growing family.

To take the phrases from a green statue in New York and a Jewish rabbi, come to Rayah with your financial frustration and messed up circumstance – we will do everything we can to give you rest! I mean, after all, we are your Trusted Friend.

Have questions on how solar can be possible for you? Give us a call today! (617) 564-3159.

Article Written By: AliYah C. – Project Management, Rayah Solar

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