Going Solar: The Lucrative Way To Save The Planet

Going solar saves the planet. Period. But in today’s world and economy the fact that it saves money, not the world is its greatest selling point. Most of us are, what we like to call, “pocketbook environmentalists.” We care about saving the planet, as long as it does our wallet some good in the process. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, we here at Rayah encourage it!

Going green and being environmentally friendly has a reputation for being expensive and difficult. And changing what you buy, how you get to work, what you wear, and your general comfort zone can be a shock to your system to say the least. Now you can have the lifestyle of solar without the sacrifice.

When you go solar, you have the right to brag about being the smartest homeowner on the block, paying a fraction of what your neighbors are paying for the same electricity. Need a little more ammunition? Well, you can also mention how you are now a card carrying member of the “Save the Planet Superhero Society” (please note, as far as we know no such society exists, but you get the point). Now, in addition to being able to leap high electric bills in a single bound, you can plant 100 trees without leaving your living room!


Want a list of all the good deeds your roof is doing for the planet while you sit back and reap the savings? Take a look:

• Reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 50­100 tons of C02 emissions.
• Doing the same as planting 100 trees every year or not driving for the next 10 years.
• You would have to recycle for the next 500 years to equal the carbon footprint offset of solar panels on your roof.
• Conserve enough water to fill 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
• Save the oceans from massive oil spills.
• Provide an alternate energy source that’s not going anywhere any time soon.

So put on a cape and give us a call. (617) 564-3159.

Article Written By: Selah S.~ Inside Sales, Rayah Solar

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