June 28, 2018

I Feel Like Chicken Little

I Feel Like Chicken Little It’s funny how a seemingly unrelated event can spur a vivid childhood memory. While thinking about SRECs, I remembered being a child and watching a car make a wrong turn, then ... Continue Reading ›

July 13, 2017

SRECs in Real Life - A Case Study

Welcome to the second installment of everything you need to know about SRECs. Last week we discussed the basics of SRECs – what they are, how you get them, and how they can affect your ... Continue Reading ›

July 7, 2017

SRECs 101 - All You Need To Know

Bob: “Hey. What’s happening?” Chris: “You know. Same ol’, same ol’.  Kids just finished up with school, busy with work. And oh yeah, we own a power plant now.” Bob: “A power plant?” Chris: “Yeah, we just put ... Continue Reading ›

March 2, 2017

Mass Solar Loan: A New Way for Homeowners to Save

In 2015, designs were put in place for a $30 million residential solar loan program. Built to complement the nation's leading solar market in Massachusetts, the Mass Solar Loan (MSL) program was born. This program ... Continue Reading ›

February 22, 2017


If you haven’t heard already, the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Resources (DOER)  has officially announced the end of the ever so popular Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) Program.  Yes, what a shame! The MA SREC ... Continue Reading ›

December 22, 2016

Setting The Record Straight

With the recent changes in the political climate, many customers I speak with are uncertain of what to expect from the solar industry in the coming months and years. There are plenty of rumors circulating ... Continue Reading ›

July 7, 2016

The State Pays Homeowners to Go Solar

  Now, more than ever, is the best time to go solar. This is due to the various incentives that go along with switching to this form of clean energy. A common question I would expect ... Continue Reading ›

December 18, 2015

Going Solar: The Lucrative Way To Save The Planet

Going solar saves the planet. Period. But in today’s world and economy the fact that it saves money, not the world is its greatest selling point. Most of us are, what we like to call, ... Continue Reading ›

July 3, 2015

Negative Electric Bills: How Solar Spins Back Your Meter

You might think that getting a negative bill is too good to be true. But at Rayah Solar, we help people do just that! The process is called Net Metering, and its fairly simple once ... Continue Reading ›

October 6, 2014

Massachusetts Incentives ~ Encouraging Solar Forward Movement!

Did you know that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a goal and a plan to reach 1.6 giga-watts of solar PV electricity by the year 2020? That is an amazing goal. It started back in ... Continue Reading ›