The State Pays Homeowners to Go Solar




Now, more than ever, is the best time to go solar. This is due to the various incentives that go along with switching to this form of clean energy. A common question I would expect anyone to have, whether or not they intend to go solar, is, “Well, what are the benefits?” Anyone could easily answer that it saves you money and saves the planet in the process. But what does that really mean? Now, picture this! You own a home, and on your land, you discovered oil. Jackpot! You don’t have to worry about buying gas for your car, or your 2016 Star Bolt C-Spec, if motorbikes are your thing. But first, you need a compact oil refiner. We all know you cannot put unrefined gasoline in a motor vehicle. That would cause problems to the engine, fuel pumps, and fuel system in general. Once you have your refiner, the next step is to refine the oil, duh! At this point, you’re all set. You no longer have to think about buying gas.  Now imagine there was a Federal Tax Credit, State Tax Credit, and a whole bunch of other local incentives.

This is exactly how solar energy is. With solar panels on your roof, you supply energy for your home, or business, without having to go through the grid. Plus, you have escaped the monopoly of your utility, and gained equity. Gaining equity simply refers to the amount of anything that you actually own. This equity also leads to an increase in the value of your home. So it’s a win-win. If that isn’t enough to see the benefit of going solar, then maybe a rebate is. Some towns in Massachusetts with Municipal Light Departments offer rebates to homeowners who go solar. In other words, you get money for striking oil and filling your tank with it.

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