10 Ways Solar Helps You Sell Your Home

Based on a nine-year study of 100,000 homes by the Berkeley National Solar Laboratory and a study by the National Realtor’s Association, solar can help sell your home the following ways:

1. Increased Home Value: According to several national studies, the average solar system will increase your home value by $17,000 to $20,000.

2. Homes Sell Faster: Homes with solar sell faster then their like-neighbors, even in a down market.

3. Tax Exempt: In MA, your municipality cannot increase your property taxes because of your solar install. Even though the system will add thousands to the value of your house, it is tax exempt.

4. Protects the Roof: Solar helps protect the roof, meaning your roof will last longer, adding to the perceived resell benefit of solar.

5. Green Living: For thousands of energy conscious home buyers nationwide, solar is the staple for green living.

6. Free Power: It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the notion of free electricity, a.k.a. no electric bill, is an attractive proposition for a potential buyer.

7. The Left Out Syndrome: As solar installs continue to skyrocket, you don’t want to be the only house left out. A new homeowner may perceive a home without panels as a negative when comparing your house to like- neighbors.

8. Progressive Areas Benefit More: Solar increases home values and the rate of selling everywhere, but particularly more in progressive areas. Fortunately for us, MA is considered one of the most progressive states in America.

9. Energy Income: Yes, you can transfer Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC’s) to the new homeowner. So not only will they be getting free power, but also, they will be getting income from their roof. Think about it – where else can you buy a house that pays you a check?

10. Good Investment: Solar has a quick payback and in many cases you are cash-positive from day one. If ROI is your thing, then solar is your thing. Solar is simply a good investment. Your potential home buyers will know that you are financially savvy.

Bonus: Solar has the highest ROI of any remodeling project!

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Energy Efficiency: 10 Things You May NOT Know

Energy Deregulation: Massachusetts has broken the energy monopoly, allowing home and business owners the ability to choose their electric supply. They still keep the same dependable delivery with their current utility, but can choose the supply (the source) – be it a hydro, nuclear, coal, solar or wind farm. Best of all, it is free to switch suppliers and you will likely pay less with another supplier.

K-Shield: Unlike regular insulation, it reflects the heat away from your house in the summer and retains it in the winter. One thin layer of K-Shield has a R19 insulation rating.

Reduced Flow Shower Nozzles: You can buy a fairly inexpensive reduced flow shower head that will maintain the water pressure you are used to, but save you money with each shower.

Reduced Flow Toilets: Many new toilets come with dual flushing features. So for minor jobs, you can use less water, cutting down on your water bill. Also, you can put a brink in the back of the toilets to cut down on your water usage.

Split Unit A/C with Heat Pump: New split unit cooling and heating systems are an excellent way to heat and cool a new addition or even your entire house.
Infrared Heat: Many homeowners think that oil and gas are the only cost effective methods to heat a home. However, with advances in infrared heating technology, a homeowner can heat his/her entire house at a fraction of the cost of even gas. And for a much less upfront cost to switch over.
Trees: I bet you weren’t expecting to see this here, but tree types and placement can have a big effect on your home’s heating and cooling bills. A conifer (a tree that does not lose its leaves) on the north side of your house and deciduous (a tree that loses its leaves) on the south has beneficial heating and cooling effects. Consult a local arborist for more information.

Geothermal: A geothermal well can be used for both heating and cooling. The well brings up ground water around 50o Fahrenheit to heat in the winter or a cool in the in the summer.

Solar Hot Water: A solar thermal installation can save you thousands. Switch from gas, oil or even electricity to heat your water and let the sun do its job. With available rebates and 0% financing offered by the State of MA, it’s a great way to save money.
Solar Panels (Both PV and Thermal): We are not talking about the fact that these systems will save you a ton of money – that is a given. What we are referring to is the little known fact that solar panels help in heating and cooling of your home. Solar panels act as an umbrella over your roof, insulating it from the direct rays from the sun – and right where you need it, on your southern facing roof. Also, there is a space (2-3 inches) between the panels and the roof. This trapped air creates an efficiency buffer in both the summer and winter. Did you know that?

Energy Deregulation: http://www.viridian.com/rayahsolar
K-Shield: http://www.pacsotec.com/ktb.pdf

For referrals on local tree contractors, arborists and any of the other recommended services and products please feel free to contact us.

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